Zakharova have fantasized on the subject of flash output

you Must spend hours a week with benefits, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. On his page on Facebook she published a humorous advice and called the non-working week, informed the President of Russia announced March 28 and April 5, “a wonderful opportunity to spend this time with benefit”.

Earlier it was reported that due to the spread of the coronavirus upcoming week declared the country off-hours. Close to shopping centers, entertainment and sporting facilities. We will only state authorities, grocery and pet stores, pharmacies and clinics. Russians advised to stay at home or at the cottage.

In recognition Zakharova if she had the opportunity to spend a week at home, she would first sleep, and then deal with reading books, or cooking exotic dishes, or needlework, would have made cleaning the house or started seedlings on the eve of the summer season. She noted that many Russians, who continue to work either at their seats or remotely, “I want to be in your place.”

According to the latest portal Worldometers, the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus in the world exceeded 602 thousand people, were more than 27 thousand deaths. Russia was 1036 cases of infection. To inform about the situation in Russia, the government has launched a resource stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.