Announced on may 1, the online debate between the official representative of the MFA of Russia Maria Zakharova and opposition activist Alexei Navalny will be held in the planned format. This was announced by the moderator Alexey Pivovarov.

“To the previously announced format of the debate Zakharov-Bulk will not take place”, – wrote the journalist Alexey Pivovarov in his Twitter. According to him, on the morning of 1 may, the parties have disagreements about the need for moderation. To negotiate failed. In the end he goes “this story” as a guest.

as announced previously, the format of the debate Zakharov-Bulk will not take place. In the morning the parties were in disagreement about the necessity of moderation, and since agree they failed, I as a guest, come out of this story and more in it did not participate

what is Happening and she commented on Maria Zakharova in his Facebook. According to her, Navalny refused to talk to her on the phone, or in the air.

the foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that communicated with him through his colleague Love Sable. In the end, agreed to speak only through the moderator, namely, Alexey Pivovarov.

Also Zakharova pointed to the exposed conditions, what can be said and what can not. In addition, the diplomat noted that the put and time: “2 minutes, 2 minutes on it.”

“you are a Coward, Bulk, washed-up. Even the battle with the woman man Tian”, – she wrote.

it was Initially reported that the debate of the official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Bulk will be held on may 1 at 17:00 GMT. After the public consent of the opposition to meet with Zakharova, representative of the Russian depodesta discussed with her the details of the meeting. As online platforms for debate, chose the Sable channel on Youtube.

we Also learned the rules of the debate. Each party was to receive 2-3 minutes for opening remarks with his position. After that, both participants were able to ask questions to each other.

the wording of the question sosialis take 30 seconds. The answer would be given up to 2 minutes. The debate was to last an hour.

Before Zakharov was unexpectedly called Bulk to the debate, suggesting that the “chicken” and from talking to Dodge. However, the politician said agreement.