Official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in a live radio commented on the debate with Alexei Navalny, which was to be held on may 1 at 17:00. Earlier, the diplomat he accused the opposition that he is “a coward” and he allegedly refused a meeting. The politician said that he is ready to the conversation in any format that is accepted by the opponent. She eventually decided not to communicate with liar.

Zakharov was released in direct air of “echo of Moscow” and for 20 minutes spoke with the radio host, who emotionally spoke about the process of agreeing to a conversation with Navalny and why it failed.

“I honestly, from this cheating really tired,” she said.

According to the diplomat, she wanted to meet with the politician one on one and in the format of a simple conversation to discuss various topics. When did it come to arrange a time and format helpers Bulk (Zakharova complained that it did not switched directly to the opposition, we had to negotiate with his associates) allegedly put her unacceptable conditions. So, Zakharova did not like the debate format involves the participation of the moderator, the rules of speech, and the fact that she allegedly “allowed” to discuss with the Bulk of only one topic – fresh “insults” in the media and social networks.

was Ready, she offered to meet in the format of direct conversation, without intermediaries and restrictions, “but that’s not the chatter”, said the representative of the foreign Ministry. “I such redactions did not see never in life,” – said Zakharov.

throughout the conversation with radio host Zakharov repeated the word “cheating”, noted that “beyond,” and suggested that the Bulk of the specially arranged everything just so, ostensibly in order to draw her into some kind of “HYIP”.

“He’s back there (in social networks – MK) started the name-calling (“coward, you, Bulk, finished” – said Zakharov and myself in the morning in Facebook). His press secretaries also began some nasty things to write… – the diplomat said on the air. – So, people are afraid of this conversation.”

Radio host after about a dozen attempts and failed to get from Zakharova answer as to whether it is still to be aired together with Navalny, who has already agreed to absolutely any format and conditions that they choose. The diplomat went on to talk about “cheating”, which in life met, and how all night she had to agree wasted. To air connected Alexei Venediktov, but he is not the first time managed to get a specific answer to the question.

a radio station editor-in-chief assured the diplomat that no overlap, censorship leading (“even the producers and the guards kicked away”) in the Studio will not be “Echo” will only provide technical communication Zakharov-Bulk. Foreign Ministry spokesman SNova launched into a description of his experiences, because of the situation, but in the end refused: “the Conversation I cheating these people do not support”.

“I don’t believe in it. Will be some kind of a hoax,” said Zakharov.

the question Venediktov did not she was at work – the bosses is to engage in direct debate with the opposition, she replied in the negative.