Controversial words about tourists who need to calculate financial capacity for travel, was aimed at the prevention of new difficult situations in the future and can be considered only as recommendations. This was stated by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova during the live broadcast in Instagram.

All I said was in no way intended to offend someone, but just to warn on situations that occur with a huge number of people abroad. We see these stories. This is the story of the pain of tens of thousands of people, the diplomat said.

Zakharov stressed that the current situation is significantly different from what it was several decades ago when heading abroad on a trip few could.

I mean that the departure can be by invitation. When you are invited by someone, then he bears full responsibility. Few people know, when you make an invitation to a person, subscribe to the obligation on a range of issues. This medicine, and housing, and responsibility for what will happen to him. That’s all, — said the representative of the foreign Ministry.

She stressed that the Ministry supports tourism and contributes to its development.

during foreign visits the Minister for foreign Affairs one of the most common elements is the signing of agreements on visa-free exchanges, simplifying the formalities associated with the travel of — said Zakharov.

Earlier, the diplomat said that officials of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia in the conditions of the pandemic in the fashion industry, working almost around the clock, including the staff transferred to the remote mode of operation, wrote