The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova raskryli in an interview with RIA Novosti his method of emotional restarts, which allows it to relax after work.

Zakharov responded to rumors about the new appointment

According to Zakharova, she has her hobby is planting trees and flowers. She said that as soon as caused by coronavirus, the intensity of the questions was asleep, she started to get out of Moscow for the city.

“I love nature, not only to contemplate: I planted a lot of trees, flowers,” — said the representative of the foreign Ministry, noting that recently raised irises, bulbs that she sent from Belarus.

Zakharova also said that on her site there are the Crimean chrysanthemums brought from the country of the General Director MIA “Russia today” Dmitry Kiselev in Koktebel, where she conducted the briefing.

“So it really is a hobby that allows you to relax, reboot and which I really like. Perhaps it is difficult to imagine that I have a hobby, but I have it. By the way, Instagram and Facebook I actively post, I really liked it very much,” — said Zakharov and admitted that he and colleagues often shake bulbs, shoots, flowers.