Zakharov commented on the words of the Polish Minister on the victory in the dispute with Russia

Official representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova said the words of the Polish Minister Jacek Czaputowicz about the victory of Warsaw, in a historic dispute with Russia.

Earlier, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland said that Warsaw supposedly won a historic dispute with Moscow. Czaputowicz called the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the forum of memory of victims of the Holocaust in Jerusalem “is not particularly anti-Polish”. In addition, the Minister said that Warsaw needs to calm emotions and to normalize relations with Moscow, since the country, despite all the differences, are neighbors.

On his page in Facebook Maria Zakharova said the words of Dautovich. According to Russian policy, “so I think everything Napoleon: Bonaparte and in the hospital.”

Russian authorities have repeatedly said that some European countries are trying to rewrite history. In mid-December 2019, Putin said that some countries, in particular Poland, colluded with Nazi Germany. According to the Russian leader, Russia is obliged to ensure the preservation of the truth about the great Patriotic war, and to oppose any attempts to falsify history.