It is not the case that Yussuf Poulsen has asked to get away from RB Leipzig, says his agent.

Yussuf Poulsen has not asked RB Leipzig to be allowed to switch to another club, as the German media Bild otherwise have learned.

It says the Danish fodboldspillers agent, Poul-Erik Petersen, of the TV2 Sport “categorically rejects” that the story holds water.

“There is nothing in the context which has just nearly nothing. Neither that she has inquired, or that there are negotiations with other clubs,” says Poul-Erik Petersen to TV2 Sport.

Bild writes on Wednesday that the Danish midfielder has filed a transferanmodning to the German club.

According to the newspaper should Poulsen be tired of the reserverolle, as he has been in big parts of this season.

Poulsen has been on the field in 20 bundesliga matches this season, but in half of the cases, it has been as a substitute from the bench.

It is a new situation for the 25-year-old dane, who came to the German club in 2013 and for many years has been stamspiller.

Under coach Julian Nagelsmanns management is Poulsen, however, slipped a bit down in the hierarchy, and after the new year he’s only started on the track in one bundesligakamp. The agent stresses, however, that the dane still is happy for existence in the German topklub.

“I can’t say it any more clearly than that she has love to be in Leipzig, and as a starting point that is, he sees himself,” says Poul-Erik Petersen.

Yussuf poulsen’s contract with RB Leipzig runs until the summer of 2022.