Yuri Stoyanov told about the affair with Tatiana Dogileva

Humorist Yury Stoyanov said, what do his three children. He noted that the society they’re trying to distance themselves and fear that any will be charged only on the star name.

The artist said that his eldest daughter Ksenia — the specialist international management and doing the PR. The average develops in the field of tourism and hotel business.

— A Junior this year graduated from high school and, of course, knows where to go. Thank God, not for acting! — said the artist.

In addition, Yuri Stoyanov dispelled rumors about the relationship with Tatyana Dogileva at the time the student. For information online, he lived in the same Dorm room with Sukhorukov and had an affair with a young actress.

As noted by Stoyanov, it is ridiculous to talk about the novel, 17-year-old. And the rate among the 27 students were about 15 girls.

— If your graph draw a diagram of who is with whom and how, we may think that it is drawing crazy. It is easier to say who my novel was not. We all lived in a dormitory in the next room! — said the artist in an interview “Days.ru”.

It also became known that on Thursday, April 23, the TV channel “Russia 1” will show the author’s Yuri Stoyanov “100янов”.