The Bavarian influencer Yuliya P. has been making a name for herself with tasteless Russian propaganda since the Ukraine war. Then the public prosecutor’s office investigated and it became quiet around the 30-year-old. Now cryptic postings are appearing on her Telegram channel.

Wrapped in a Russian flag, Yuliya P. danced in front of Ukrainian demonstrators, she glorified the Russian war of aggression and traveled to occupied Donetsk herself: The Russian influencer Yuliya P. is officially unemployed, but she shares the Kremlin propaganda for her tens of thousands of followers on social media networks.

It had been quiet about P. since October, and since then state security has been investigating the 30-year-old for insulting and approving of crimes. Now the Kremlin influencer, who lives in Landshut, Bavaria, without a residence permit, is apparently back.

On Tuesday, she wrote cryptic posts on Telegram, such as “I’m free, damn it” or “Oppression is no fun”. She probably wants to suggest that she was arrested in Germany – which was not the case – or that she was leaving for Russia. Before that, pictures had been circulating on the internet, which were supposed to show P. at Berlin Airport.

Neither the public prosecutor’s office in Landshut nor the police in Lower Bavaria know anything about leaving the country, according to “t-online”. The fact check portal “Correctiv” also rejected the claims as fake.

P. also shared the logo of the Wagner mercenary group and a photo of herself on the steps of a Richard Wagner monument on her account.

It is also conceivable that your Telegram account is being controlled by someone else. Whether she will be prosecuted for her incitement is still a case for the investigators.