So, according to last year in district there were only 448 orphans, and in 2018 – 548. According to experts, this is the result of deliberate family policy in Ugra, point individual work to support parents and children.

we will Note, today in Yugra 71 thousand families, which brought 147 thousand children gets 45 types of social support. From January 1 this year, this list was supplemented by four new measures: those who have had a child, a gift “Growing in Ugra”. For 5 months got it for 7 thousand families.

– pandemic in the region monthly accrued additional payments for each child aged 3 to 7 years, placed low-income parents – said the head of Ugra Natalia Komarova during a recent meeting with members of the Council under the President of Russia on realization of state policy. – Support is granted to 23.5 thousand of Ugra families for 26 216 children.

According to Natalia Komarova, in the County based on a social contract, the families were offered assistance in obtaining vocational education, training school of entrepreneurship. Such a contract was concluded for more than 10 thousand moms and dads.

in addition, the Ugra assigned payment to pregnant women in the amount of 5 thousand rubles. Beneficiaries were already 700 people.

Urgent social assistance in the form of food packages, commodities, means of individual protection in the amount of 2-3 thousand rubles in the period of the pandemic provided for 1700 families. In 264 families with children received support within the framework of the charity event, organized by the humanitarian volunteer corps.

As already reported, “RG”, government of Ugra took the decision on granting to graduates of 11 classes a special gift with a credit card, which is credited five thousand rubles.

– Assigned one-time payment to families with children aged 16 to 18 years. And they produced no paperwork, – noted Natalia Komarova.

it is Very important that the head of Ugra during the meeting suggested to include in the calculation when determining the status of the family as low-income, not only income, but also the costs of a mortgage loan.