Yugra entered the top 10 Russian regions on knowledge of digital technologies

As noted by the organizers, to evaluate the performance of regions in implementing programs to increase digital literacy was made possible thanks to the innovation introduced this year in digital dictation. Now for the first time on the portal stock was demonstrated to map the digital capabilities of the regions where they were presented including e-learning courses. Them according to the test results and the recommendations received were able to use the digital dictation to improve your knowledge in the most vulnerable areas.

Interestingly, the best results showed the participants in the youngest age group – children from 7 to 13 years, this year they participated in the action for the first time, as well as members from 25 to 34 years. Alas, the lowest results showed that people 60 years and older (of 6.80 points), and, unexpectedly, adolescents 14-17 years (6.77 points). Compared to last year increased dramatically the number of users who received the maximum 10 points.

Yugra traditionally supports the action “Digital dictation”, on the basis that non-digital learning and continuous improvement in the modern world is simply impossible to do. It is important that not only young people but also elderly people have been developing their skills in electronic technologies and become full participants in the processes in the digital world in General and the digital economy in particular. Recent world events have proved this clearly.

Note, the result of high level digital knowledge in Ugra is not an accident but the result of systematic work and development strategy of Yugra as of the region, focusing on the development of digital technology.

So, every year in Ugra is an international IT-forum with participation of BRICS countries and the SCO. This year it was to be held for the twelfth time, but was postponed to next year because of the pandemic.

About the importance of the forum says that the number of participants over the last four years has doubled. We will remind that last year IT was attended by over 4 thousand people from 52 countries and 61 of the Russian region.

– It certainly tells us about the status of the event, its importance as an international platform for debate, discuss issues, exchange experiences and develop joint measures for the development of digital technologies at the international level, – said the Deputy Governor of Ugra, Chairman of the organizing Committee Alexei Zabozlaev.