Two young holidaymakers were arrested at Mallorca airport shortly before they left for Germany. They had previously rioted in their hotel. Now they must answer for their actions.

Time and time again, tourists misbehave while on holiday on the Balearic island of Mallorca.

Binge drinking, vandalism and causing public nuisance are no longer uncommon. Incidents are increasing, particularly on Playa de Palma, the island’s party hotspot.

On Monday, two German holidaymakers were arrested by the Spanish National Police. They were already at the airport and on their way home when the two men were arrested at the gate.

The tourists, aged 21 and 27, are accused of causing damage to hotel rooms in a hotel on Playa de Palma amounting to 2,000 euros.

After the men left the hotel, hotel management became aware of the damage. As “Mallorca Magazin” reports, the Germans are said to have damaged, among other things, a television and other objects.

They are also said to have interrupted the hotel’s electricity supply due to water damage. The hotel management informed the national police, who arrested the two rioters at the airport before they left the country.

By Eva Gneisinger

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