After his eye-catching knockout of former NBA player Nate Robinson on the Tyson-Jones Jr. undercard, YouTube star Jake Paul appears to be a man with plenty of options – one of which could even be a fight with his brother, Logan.

With Jake scoring back to back wins over non-boxing opponents in the ring, and Logan Paul twice facing fellow YouTuber KSI in a pair of bouts that attracted stupendous ratings online, a potential bout between the brothers would seemingly generate huge online interest.

Jake certainly seems to be mulling over the idea, and told U.S. gossip outlet TMZ that if the pair ever did fight, it would be his hand getting raised at the end of the bout.

“I sort of change my mind on it every day,” he said.

“One day I’ll do it, the next day I’m like ‘I don’t think I should do that.’

“I would just do it to prove people wrong.”

That sentiment comes from people online suggesting that Logan is the better athlete – and better fighter – of the pair.

But Jake has a different view, and cites his performances against English YouTuber AnEsonGib and NBA star Robinson as evidence of his superior boxing skills.

“I’m like a 10-times better boxer,” he stated.

“I’ve had two fights and I’ve been in the ring for a total of seven minutes and I’ve knocked down my opponents six times in that seven minutes.”

Incredibly, Jake has been called out by a host of names, including former world champions Evander Holyfield and Antonio Tarver.

With plenty of interest in his next move, whichever route the brash YouTuber decides to take next, a huge payday looks set to follow.