An influencer runs a half marathon unannounced and without paying – and then boasts about it on social media.

An incident at the Brooklyn Half Marathon sparked heavy criticism in the running community. As the New York Post reports, 26-year-old influencer Alexa Curtis took part in the run without registering. Curtis then proudly posted her running time on social media, sparking outrage.

The so-called “banditing”, i.e. taking part in a run without registering, is extremely controversial in the running scene. This is because registration fees are used to pay for support and services such as security, medical care, food and medals. A portion of the entry fees is usually donated to charity.

Reactions to Curtis’ action were overwhelmingly negative. Many critics accused her of undermining the costs and charitable purpose of the race with her behavior. “You stole this race from the public,” wrote one angry follower.

“I didn’t know I would offend so many people,” Curtis apologized on . If I decide to run again in the future, I will definitely read the rules.” She also donated $150.

Another influencer recently also received criticism: The 33-year-old admitted that she still lives with her mother and has never learned to drive.

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