International football and The nature of the beast. This Piece did, once again, created a buzz of attention in France. This time it was fellow attacker Olivier Giroud, who has been a preference for ‘Les Bleus’, as in the child’s best interests. “You’re confusing a Formula 1, but with a go-kart? And trust me, I have to be nice”, says that the Real player does not beat around the bush. Irritation after having a a long history.

These days the style of each athlete is an Instagram-account. Also In This Piece. The attacker of the Real Madrid and is now 32, but with the increasing years to make sure that he has at his tongue’s going to bite. In an interview with the influencer, Mohammed Henni, he opened his visor, this time to Olivier Giroud. Benzema’s one-year-old is now in the French national team for years, rush is number one, while in his opinion there has been, since 2015 is ‘persona non grata’ is. One thing he can’t verkroppen.

Spectacular, and it’s nothing with Giroud. And everyone will find it fun to watch? I don’t know…

Karim Benzema

Benzema got his opinion on Giroud. He kept his cool, however, the answer was obvious. “You’re confusing a Formula 1, but with a go-kart? I know that I have the F1’s myself. And trust me, I have to be nice. And there you have it .” With a sneer, a little later in the conversation, was sure to let us know once again, back to the matter, and with something more of respect for each other. “Giroud is in the forefront as the play-point is, it is in one way or another. Because Griezmann and Mbappé with the speed around him to be able to move around in. Spectacular it is not. And everyone will find it fun to watch? I don’t know…”


get The last cap is from the official site dates back to 8 October 2015, a bit later, he was involved in a afpersingszaak. His fellow-countryman and a fellow at the ‘Les Bleus’, Mathieu Valbuena was around 150,000 euro in order to prevent the types of xxx sex the public would have to be made.Benzema was accused of having become an integral part in that development. He was screaming his innocence, but appeals from the Court of Appeal didn’t help him. The French striker should be coming soon, perhaps, with the five other people in front of the court.

after a Few moments of the Piece in the Real Madrid:
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Because the official site was a good speed, showed, record, and the press is brought to a payment made to a minor, prostitution, weerden head coach Didier Deschamps and president, Noël Le Graët to him five years ago, a final decision in the selection process. Giroud took advantage of and it was rush hour, the number one.