The retirees of Pure Aust it goes on for days is not good. “I’ve fed on Tilt,” he told the “Bild”newspaper. He could neither eat nor sleep, for he feared the day that the bailiff, a locksmith and movers in front of his door.

When, finally, all the belongings of the 77-Year-old and his 74-year-old woman from her home in the sandy street in Neukölln was worn, he could only watch on from the sidelines. The majority of their stuff was stored. One month the Couple has time to pick you up. They are then auctioned off or scrapped. Angelika was not in the clearance. According to the statement of her husband, she would not have coped with the. Finally, their grandparents already lived in the house in the Berlin district of Neukölln.

"He’s just looking for something to put us on the road"

the reason for the eviction was that Aust has connected to in the ‘ 70s, a range hood over the stove to a ventilation shaft. Previously, he had agreed with the former house owner, who allowed him this in a verbal way. Almost 40 years later, urged the new owner, that the Pair would reduce the deduction. “He only wanted something to set us on the road,” said the 77-Year-old to the news portal. The rent paid by the Couple.

last March, the court confirmed the eviction order and not substantiated, according to “Bild”, the notice that the structural changes in the estimation of the chimney sweep are to be allowed.

they escaped narrowly of homelessness

The Couple tried to fight for his place. In the meantime, you have accumulated more than 10,000 euros of debt and had to find yet a new apartment. The landlord had denied to the last all to Talk to. However, a new apartment was to find the two with your financial requirements is not possible.

Jochen Biedermann, councillor for city development, social and citizen services, has helped the two, and keep them from, without a roof to stand on the head. With his help, the two got a place to Stay in Berlin-Marzahn. “Still, it is sad and a shame. I would have liked to see that you can stay in Neukölln,” says Biedermann to “image”.

"Today, the house loses a Foundation"

Even if the Aust’s are happy to have a new place to Stay, you need to get used to the new environment. “Since we do not know. Home know us, everyone“, said the news portal. Also, you no longer have in the new apartment so much space and had to part with some things.

In the hallway of the house in sand street, a neighbor has hung a photo of Aust’s. In a Text, he points out, what is driving the two and with the headline: “Today, the house loses a Foundation.”

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