pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, and insurance companies have a say in Parliament, much to. To find a lot of the Young SVP. She was bothered by the increasing influence of Lobby organizations and does not hold back with criticism of the mother party: “in the SVP will be represented too often, the individual interests of health insurance companies or large corporations,” says JSVP-President Benjamin Fischer (28).

SVP national councillor Mike Egger (27), especially in the health area of great need for action: “The 38 parliamentarians sitting in both the health committees, about 90 mandates of the health insurance companies, patient organizations or pharmaceutical companies!” Egger calls, therefore, together with the Basel SP-national councillor Samira Marti (25), that the number of elected representatives is limited in the health Commission.

Federal home-access for the average person,

The Young SVP does not want to restrict the influence of large companies and organizations but primarily through the prohibitions, as President Fischer emphasized. Instead, the SVP wants to bring young ordinary citizens as lobbyists to the Federal house.

The idea behind it is simple: to provide the citizens can apply via the Online-platform in the case of the young SVP to as the “people’s lobbyists”. Anyone who is lucky enough to have a Jury selected, from the young party one of the coveted Federal home Batches – and thus access to the Federal house.

“When I am 20. October will be elected in the national Council, I will give away my access cards for a one-year,” said President Fischer. In the Los-pot of all those “whose motives convince our Jury would”. Also SVP national councillor Egger – has awarded its two Batches currently quite deliberately – supports the action: “to Me, it is important that the Federal house is a place for all and not only the representatives of any of the companies to stop,” he says.

ownership rules

Also, when it comes to the wallet, is the offspring significantly different from the old SVP-guard. In contrast to most of the SVP-politicians, fishermen and Egger to disclose their own campaign budgets, as well as that of the young party.

Egger, invests around 30’000 francs in his personal election campaign, pressure on the partially exorbitant campaign-spending his competitors: “When I see that certain candidates are investing more than CHF 150’000 in your election campaign, then I ask myself whether these people actually have the feeling that one could buy a seat in Berne.” The St. Gallen national Council would welcome it if all politicians would put their finances in the open.

Should the Young SVP then not consistently, the transparency Initiative, which calls for disclosure of party donations over CHF 10’000 ways? President Fischer is dismissive: “transparency is desirable, but should remain a decision of each Individual.” The Young SVP set here prefer to self-responsibility – politicians, such as at parties.