If you are sitting at home, under the corona-the crisis and miss being able to go out to parties with friends, so you’re hardly the only one to have the need.

For a group of young people in English in Vejle, it was not, however, just missed. Instead, they have repeatedly partied publicly, despite forsamlingsforbuddet.

It is about a group of young people aged 13-18 years, who have broken the forsamlingsforbuddet about the maximum to be 10 people total, write Vejle Amts Folkeblad.

Several times, the police have been out to the celebrations around the English urban roads and the nursery Troldebakken in English, where the young people have smoked, drunk and taken nitrous oxide, but it has not helped the problem.

as late as Tuesday night had Sydøstjyllands Police once again come out to the young people’s party to break the assembly up.

“It is a group of young people who do not completely understand the seriousness of the covid-19. They meet to drink, party and consume nitrous oxide. We get divided the young people along so they understand that there must be celebration and colors,” says Jesper Duus, superintendent at Sydøstjyllands Police, to the newspaper.

in Addition to the breach of forsamlingsforbuddet the young people also gave themselves to jump into Troldebakken, just as they have bothered residents in the English housing arrangements.

Exactly how many young people, that is the problem, is not known, but according to politikommissæren the case of more than 10 persons.

The repeated problems have now got SSP in Vejle to go into the matter.

According to the head of the cooperation between schools, social security authorities dated and the police (SSP) in Vejle, Helle Midtskov Bryna, SSP-consultants visited four participants aged 13-14 to speak with the young person’s parents, and she says to Vejle Amts Folkeblad.

It is, according to Helle Midtskov Bryna common practice, that the SSP reports the families visit in the type of cases.

If there is then assessed, there is a need for additional help for the young person and the family, to make a notification to the municipality’s familieafdeling.

even Though the group of young people clearly have had a hard time keeping away from each other during the corona-crisis, so it is not the general picture of how young people handle the crisis, says Helle Midtskov Bryna.

She tells the media that the general is good to keep distance, meet in small groups and listen for, as she believes that young people deserve praise for handling the crisis so well, when you take into consideration that the school and leisure activities has been taken from them during the crisis.

Celebrations in English is, however, not the first time that Sydøstjyllands Police have been in action in connection with the celebrations, with many young participants.

Previously a party in Pøt Strandby near Horsens, called police three days in a row had to come out to a party in a cottage and ask 15 young people on to benefits.