Anthony Edwards owns the future. The young NBA star from Minnesota is incredibly athletic, can jump insanely high and run at breakneck speed. But the top talent has a very big weakness: His diet is anything but professional.

Anthony Edwards is arguably one of the best young players in the NBA. The Minnesota Timberwolves’ incredibly athletic guard was the pick of the 2020 NBA draft and was instrumental in helping the Wolves make the playoffs last season.

Edwards has continued to improve this season. Halfway through the season, the youngster is the NBA’s fourth-best scorer, second-best stealer and second-most-minute player in the league.

His performances, coupled with his outgoing and witty personality, have made Edwards a popular and marketable character for his team.

One criticism of Edwards, however, is that he doesn’t appear to be the most mature of all NBA players.

In an interview with GQ, Edwards revealed that he eats more than three bags of Chester Hot Fries chips a day, or as he put it, more than 21 bags of chips a week.

A bag contains about 750 calories. With three bags a day, that’s 2250. Just like that with chips. Anyone who sees Edwards dashing across the field and sometimes flying can hardly imagine this chip consumption.

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