“It is quite scary for me, sitting over in it.”

so says the 19-year-old footballer Mathias Jørgensen, who daily plays for New York Red Bulls.

The young man lives in New Jersey and is located in the time of this writing in the UNITED states, from where he stood in the interview for TV 3 Sport.

“It’s a totally closed society, which is dead on all the streets and all the corners,” explains Mathias Jørgensen.

Megapolis New York city is the epicenter of the corona virus in the UNITED states, and the scary state of the brands the player at close range.

“When you see the hospital ships sail along the Hudson river, and you see the corpses being driven away in trucks, then you start also to get lumps in the throat. Whether you sit inside it, or you are sitting 50 minutes away from it (where Mathias Jørgensen live, red.), so does it still hurt to look at,” sander he.

Mathias Jørgensen switched to the New York Red Bulls from the OB in 2018.