While most of his classmates enjoyed everyday school life, Christian Lindner had other plans from an early age. At the age of 18, the Federal Minister of Finance was already selling marketing concepts to customers and founded his own business.

There is no elevator on the road to success. You have to use the stairs. If the saying is true, FDP top politician Christian Lindner must have been a pretty fast stair climber. At the age of 18, together with his partner Christoph, he was already selling speeches and PR concepts to companies. A report from “Stern-TV” shows 18-year-old Christian Lindner confidently presenting his business concept.

The high school graduate from Wermelskirchen High School looks like the cover model of Manager Magazine with his black briefcase, his hair that has been gelled up and his black and white spotted cow tie. Not only does he look like it, he also talks like it: about concepts, competence and customers. The incumbent Federal Minister of Finance has remained true to his political views: “Our maxim: Get to work, get the job done, problems are just thorny opportunities.”

Christian Lindner’s striving for success came early and the young entrepreneur revolutionized outdated corporate structures with his fresh ideas: “If you convince people through performance, especially through competence that is not academically domesticated, then the customer says: ‘We have the right catch made.’” Many do not have the self-confidence to say to a manager who is in his mid-50s: “What you have done up to now, these are traditional structures that have ensured success in the past, but cannot do so in the future guarantee more. You have to rethink.”

While most of his classmates probably pursued other leisure activities, Christian Lindner worked hard on his career in his grandparents’ attic. Like a successful manager, he made phone calls, sat at the computer and studied books on starting a business. The work literally paid off: the young company gave him and his co-entrepreneur Christoph share capital of 50,000 Deutschmarks.

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As for many students, school was a minor matter for today’s finance minister. The young entrepreneur had better things to do: “When you’re sitting in school and you’re doing your time, knowing that you have to make phone calls, visit customers or get work done, you feel like your time has been shredded gone,” he says in the post.

As promising as it looked back then. In the years that followed, things didn’t go so smoothly for Lindner as an entrepreneur. His second business failed and the teenager had to file for bankruptcy.

At the age of 21, however, he moved to the state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia for the liberals and is now even the federal finance minister. In the video, he also mentions that the young Lindner was already convinced of the FDP as a teenager: “Since I was 14 years old, the FDP has been my political home!”

Things are going well for success-loving Christian Lindner: at work and in love. After four years of relationship, the 43-year-old marries his girlfriend, the journalist, Franca Lehfeldt on Sylt. Already on Thursday, the two gave the civil marriage. The civil wedding was the start of a real wedding marathon. On Friday, the newlywed couple let it rip at the bachelorette party before walking down the aisle on Saturday.

Christian Lindner’s wedding was a big topic in political circles at the weekend. Colleagues from all parties diligently congratulated the finance minister. Too bad that some congratulations and one or the other offer went to the wrong Christian Lindner.

It’s the glamor wedding of the year: Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) marries “Welt” journalist Franca Lehfeldt. After the wedding-eve party on Friday, the church wedding took place on Saturday.

Christian Lindner and Franca Lehfeldt tied the knot a second time on Sylt. A lot of celebrities were there too.

The glamor couple of German politics says “Yes”. Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner and journalist Franca Lehfeldt will marry on Sylt this Thursday. Reason enough to take a closer look at the chronicle of their love and the chosen ones of the FDP boss.

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