The 16th season of “I’m a star – get me out of here!” will start on February 13, 2023 and in addition to pop singers Lucas Cordalis (55) and Djamila Rowe (55), Claudia Effenberg (57), model and wife of Ex-soccer player Stefan Effenberg (54) move into the Australian jungle.

In an RTL interview, Claudia Effenberg explained that she is supported by her family and friends and that she has a large fan base. She said: “All my friends are worried about their phone bills and I have a really great following. One or the other call will come in, they don’t want me out of there any time soon.”

According to Claudia, her husband Stefan does not tolerate a voluntary exit from the jungle camp. Upon learning she will be attending, he said: “You already know I won the Champions League, you’re definitely not going to say that one sentence.”

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Claudia refers to the famous sentence “I’m a star, get me out of here”, which means that you have to leave the camp immediately and have no chance of winning. So she has to fight and already has a plan how she will do it: “I like to talk and need very little sleep, very little food – and that’s a huge advantage,” she explains.

Claudia is well prepared and thinks you have to be “pain-free” to survive in the jungle camp. However, she does not want to extend her claws, but rather be a kind of Mother Teresa for the other candidates and emphasizes in an interview with RTL: “I’m more of a love, a mom”

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