The former “Germany’s Next Top Model” candidate Tessa Bergmeier made serious allegations against the show and Heidi Klum in the RTL jungle camp. But what does ProSieben say about this?

Tessa Bergmeier can currently be seen in the jungle camp. In 2009 she became known for her participation in Germanys Next Topmodel. At that time, the 33-year-old GNTM juror tried to convince Heidi Klum of her talent as a model – and “only” made it to 14th place.

At the campfire, Tessa recalled her time at GNTM in conversation with dads. The allegations that she made against Heidi Klum and her show weigh heavily. Accordingly, she was “made into a monster” at the time. During a shoot, Tessa raised the middle finger. The cut gave the impression that she was addressing it to Heidi Klum. Actually, she directed the middle finger to a photographer, as she claimed on Thursday in the jungle camp.

Tessa also said about Heidi Klum: “I was only there for four episodes, but wherever I was, the cameras were on me – and she didn’t like that.” She also accused her: “You mustn’t shine more than her. You mustn’t take the attention.”

ProSieben spokesman Christoph Körfer told Focus Online about Tessa’s allegations and made it clear: “After 14 years, Tessa seems to be confusing something. It was always clear that the middle finger was for the photographer. Nothing else was ever claimed. But see for yourself ( Editor’s note: Here he refers to a video from the broadcaster, which shows the scene again)

And further: “Tessa has been trying since she participated in

Meanwhile, Peyman Amin also commented on RTL about Tessa’s allegations. There he called it “bullshit” and also said: “She knew exactly what she was preparing for.” But that’s not all: “We show that she has human attributes and to blame us or to blame Heidi for that is not fair.”

Day 7 in the jungle camp and it started with a bang: Tessa dealt against Heidi Klum and made serious allegations against the GNTM juror. Meanwhile, Verena Kerth dreamed of a wedding with Marc Terenzi. Tomorrow will be the last day the campers spend together because that’s when the first celebrity has to leave the show.

Despite nasty jungle tests, moderator Sonja Zietlow remains calm. She believes that the candidates know what they are getting into in the jungle camp.

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