the First picture from the social networks about the drunken company, who attacked the capital’s taxi driver, responded the Ministry of internal Affairs. Once it became known the name and title of “hero”, the interior Ministry did not close my eyes to the wild antics of his drunken employee, who show off in the company. Capital Glaucus interior Ministry reported that the police quickly dismissed “for negative reasons,” and his superiors will be punished. How – not yet.

By that time, the Investigative Committee also responded quickly to the incident resonance.

Photo: iStock In Kirov beat the journalist during the shooting of TV programs

an investigator of the investigative Department of the city of Lyubertsy SK across the Moscow region police officer of a separate company PPSP OMVD of Russia on area Vyhino-Zhulebino district of the city of Moscow Vladislav Panfilov and his 24-year-old friend have been charged on two criminal counts. One of them is serious, do not fall under any Amnesty. This assault on the taxi driver and intentional damage of its property (part 2 of article 162 and part 2 of article 167 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation).

At the request of the investigation both sent under house arrest.

the Correspondent of “RG” in the regional and UK told the disgusting details of what happened. 16 February 2020, the company, which has been able to very decent alcoholic intoxication, called a taxi. It was early in the morning, and the company spent the night in places of entertainment. Driving the car sat a 30-year-old Ruslan Khismatullin. In the cabin passengers behaved disgracefully – throwing at each other with lit cigarettes, threw boxes of juice and poured them each other. Eventually the driver broke down and made a comment. Passengers told him to stop the car and began to “understand”. Beat hands and feet, picked up a stick, smashed the car. And stole the purseto the driver, where he lay all his earnings – 10 thousand rubles. Threatened to put the driver and of their belonging to the police also did not forget to shout.

Drunken passengers were thrown into each other’s butts, watered down juice, and when the taxi driver reprimanded them and asked to stop the car and began to beat him

Their “feats” removed passengers of neighboring cars. So all the proof, as they say, there are recorded minutely. The victim of wild passengers Ruslan Khismatullin told that they put these citizens in Kuntsevo, they asked me to take in Lyubertsy.

“during the journey, they behaved provocatively, swearing, pushing me. I understand that they are under the influence of any substances, – the victim tells. – I told them: guys, if you don’t stop acting this way, your trip will end. What I was told: “You know who we are? I am an employee! We’ll close the article!”

then the driver Called the police very quickly established that the drunk robber was Sergeant of police, 24-year-old Vladislav Panfilov. During the arrest, police have actively resisted even by their own colleagues. As a result, they were forced even to put him in handcuffs.

Vladislav Panfilov lives in Lyubertsy. There and will wait for the court.