A number of Formula 1 drivers get along really well with each other. The broken friendship between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton is all the more striking. Today Rosberg explains the reasons for the failure of their relationship.

World Championship fight destroys friendship: Former Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg explains at “Eurosport.de” how the friendship with his former Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton broke up. The trigger was the fights for the world title from 2014, since in such a case “Peace, Joy, Pancakes” could not be played. It was “a build-up from one race to the next.” After all, you have to “explore limits and go into gray areas in order to win.” The 37-year-old emphasizes at the same time: “I don’t regret anything.”

Short, compact, clear

Rosberg’s pride: Rosberg looks back on his racing career with satisfaction. So he was “very proud” of the previous “fights” with Hamilton. Together with him, the time around the World Cup, which he ultimately won in 2016, was “sensational”.

Ongoing duel: Despite the end of his active driving career, Rosberg continues to duel with Hamilton. For example, he recently took part in the Extreme E with his own racing team “Rosberg X Racing”, competing against Hamilton’s team “X44”. They tied on points last season.