How much is the wedding in Chechnya, who gets the bride price and as a Fund named after Akhmad Kadyrov helps to create new cells of society.

In Chechnya, not used to weddings in the quiet family circle, but this June, despite the pandemic, they played — and still play — a lot. And all because the Fund named after Akhmad Kadyrov helped the groom to pay a ransom for the bride. “Janikowski capital” amounted to 50 thousand roubles, it has received 213 people.

the Story of Movsar, Khadizhat can be called love at first sight. He works for a furniture shop, she is a seller in a clothing store. They met in April in Grozny “Berkat” in the midst of the harsh regime of isolation.

He liked a petite girl who came to meet and asked for a room. Although not immediately, but pride yielded to perseverance. A month later the young man received from a girl a ring as a sign of consent. The wedding was appointed to abstract the date “when the self-isolation”. The clutch 25 may overturned a ban on marriage, and on 7 June of Khadizhat and Movsar were married.

the Khadizhat was marriage, which is the dream of every Chechen girl — with a wedding dress, a suitcase and a minimum of comfort. On the celebration just two cars and seven people. Yes, and to bring water for the ceremony of unleashing a language she had only two men — brother-in-law and father-in-law.

Luck with the wedding and the groom’s family. At the time of the quarantine Movsar was left without a job, and it is unknown when his family would be able to organise events properly, if not regional public Fund named after Akhmad Kadyrov.

assistance from the Fund received 213 families. It is the poor people in the country, who had no money to pay the dowry for the bride.

— the Work was carried out jointly by the muftiat, says Vice President organizations Hawa Isayev. — Because the imams on the ground know best about the financial situation of families. They provided lists of the poor mufti, we learned the numbers, allocated money — 50 thousand roubles. All funds already given.

One of the first wedding played Shelkovskoy district. Zharadat Daudova can not get enough of a new daughter-in-law:

— Now I have a daughter. I have the feeling that all life lived with us — so friendly and natural.

Son Zharadat 31. With his future wife they had known each other for a year and a half. Were supposed to get married last winter, but then due death of a family wedding had to be postponed. The second time the marriage was prevented by the coronavirus. Son Zharadat worked on construction sites, but in the period of isolation was left without income. That in the Republic are going to help low-income families, Zharadat learned from neighbors. Immediately went to the administration. There the family made the lists, and after��a few days in the house there was a young daughter.

Wedding is one of the most costly events in the life of every Chechen family. More expensive just building a house. To marry his son, his family must put in order the house, which will host the celebration, to pay the mahr (dowry) for the bride and buy all the necessary gifts — and every year it gets bigger, to cover a table at least a hundred people.

the amounts obtained approximately the following. Products for celebration will cost at least 100 thousand rubles. Sometimes asking a team of chefs — they work pay 20 thousand. Lately to cater to the guests and washing up hiring of women — their number can vary, but each give about 5 thousand rubles.

Those who have living space does not allow to accept large number of guests or who simply do not want to bother with cooking and renting the restaurant. Menu for one guest costs an average of about 1200 rubles. But restaurants do not accept orders less than 200 thousand rubles. To create a festive atmosphere in such establishments requires more and artists, host — host, operator, or even a whole crew — and then the price range can reach hundreds of thousands of rubles. The first-class restaurants, feast in which the Chechens are proud of as the most important personal achievement, cost half a million and above.

the bride comes a whole procession, headed by the status machine in her new husband arrives at the groom’s house. Of the father’s house the girl derive sister-in-law and brother-in-law.

Before paying 100 dollars or 5 thousand, but when the European currency rose sharply and became significantly different from American and Russian, chose her — why skimp? Then I decided that 100 Euro is not enough round sum, and raised the bar to 10 thousand rubles.

the size of the mahr in the Republic clearly fixed — 50 thousand rubles. But in this case, if a girl is getting married for the first time. For a divorced or widow, the amount is reduced to 30 thousand. Mahr can be paid on the wedding day, when the ritual nikah is marriage in the presence of the Imam. But sometimes the money is given back in the time of courtship, the bride could spend it to collect the dowry.

Along with Mahram the groom brings to the bride’s house and gifts are tea, sugar and candy. Previously, they were Packed in a bulky pyramid. Recently in Vogue chests, densely are small bags with tea, sugar and chocolate candies in the form of gold coins. Wealthy families buying second chest with different coffees. Another 5 thousand rubles to give to the Imam who married, the measure is entirely voluntary, but who doesn’t pay if you pay everything?

total — at least 200 thousand rubles.

Isolation has shown that Chechen wedding can cost almost no to all the above, with the exception of the mahr. Chechen theologians call it as Urdu. Without the payment of mahr the marriage is invalid. The Sharia is not designated a specific amount, but in Islam, modesty is appreciated. In the words of the prophet Muhammad, blessed be the bride is the one whose mahr was small.

the Turkic word “dowry” and the Arabic “mahr” many consider synonymous, although between them there is a fundamental difference. Dowry is preserved in some Eastern Nations the bride, he goes to her parents and the dowry is set by the Shariah is obligatory marriage gift to the bride. But the word “dowry” so entrenched in the minds of Chechen society that it is used even theologians.

— the Basis of obligation dowry-mahr is a verse of the Holy Quran, explains Qadi of the Leninsky district of Grozny Umar Taisumov. — The dowry is not necessary to pay money. It may be service.

the Scholars said that prophet Muhammad married one of his companions on one Muslim. Seeing that he has no money to pay the mahr, he asked, does the groom something from the Koran. It turned out that he knows some verses. And then the messenger commanded him to marry, by defining as mahr training wife those surahs.

Islam condemns wastefulness and requires man to live within your means. That is, if the believer has no money for a big wedding or expensive gifts, he must arrange everything in accordance with their financial situation. But then the Chechens and other Muslims of slightly different road. In Chechnya prefer to take a loan, take haromny credit (monetary transactions with interest in Islam is considered a sin), to sell the family gold and to give the bride’s family a set amount than to admit that she is too big for them.

the money belongs exclusively to the bride, and she may dispose of them at its discretion. In Islam also clearly States how to deal with Mahram in the case of divorce. If the marriage is terminated on the initiative of the spouse, the ex-wife is not obliged to return the gift to him. If the divorce insists the woman and the theologian will find its claim is justified, the money also remain with her. However, if the divorce occurs at the request of the wife and the Imam will not find the fault of the husband, then she should give back the entire amount. This is done in order that the woman did not use divorce as a means of income.

Aza Isaeva.

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