1. You can raise a cat at all?

“Yes, you can,” explains zoologist, a behavioural biologist and VIETA-member Eva Waiblinger (48) in conversation with a VIEW. According to the expert, you should find something like the cat. “In dogs it does. This can be a food reward, petting, a game or praise.” In the cat this works similar to the dog, but, depending on the type of Cat are very different. “Seraina, my own cat, loves cuddles and food as rewards in the loved one,” says Waiblinger.

2. How am I going to teach my cat a thing?

A cat learns, according to the expert, with rewards for the best . The rewards should be administered, if possible, often and in small portions . So the cat, which provides rewards internalized.

“You can teach a cat a little piece of art. This happens step for step, but the cat learns quickly. It is best to use a Clicker . This is a bit of a firecracker and the cat signals that she has done something good.” So that the animals understand the Signal, it would have to be trained but little. In addition, the noise is always a reward , this could be according to Waiblinger in the Form of food: “The cat is associating the click and food, if you both get about ten Times in a row.”

“If you want to teach the cat a High Five, then you have to wait first, and the cat-watching. If you shift the weight from one paw way, then you should reward with a click and treat. Then a couple of Times more. Step-by-step to increase the difficulty, and the cat brings a little piece of art.” However, it is important to train the cat to only three to five minutes, otherwise they quickly lose interest. If the animal had no desire, should not to force it.

3. How to get used I my cat something?

Waiblinger says, you could take the cat with the Clicker also has a fear of something. Then you reward the animal for it to be relaxed in certain situations. “So I used my cat to the vacuum cleaner,” says the zoologist. First of all, you have put the vacuum cleaner in the middle of the room and without him to turn on. Whenever your cat approached the silent device, she got a click and a reward. “The second step was the device not allow to move it but still. My cat got a click and then a reward, if you venture to go near the vacuum cleaner.”

4. I need to punish my cat?

“punishments should be avoided”, says Waiblinger. “As a punishment, the cat feels that everything that is uncomfortable for you.” A good Alternative is to ignore the cat, if you show unwanted behavior, explains the expert. “If I stroke my cat and it grabs me, then I stop, turn away and ignore you. If I’m yelling at you instead, she gets just what she wants: attention.”

A punishment with a water pistol is also not a good idea. Even if the water the cat does not damage directly, it could strain the bond between humans and animals. “When the cat realizes that her master or mistress will punish you, she may lose confidence in the particular Person.” The bond between a cat and a people-based, according to the expert on reciprocity: If the man is not ready to meet the needs of the cat, the cat, Vice versa, not going to do that also. Both go to each other, a deep bond was in the making.

scientists have found that there are basically three different types of cats. “There is the game of cats that are playful into adulthood very. Then there are the so-called aloof-sociable cats that are in the vicinity of people, but not too close want to come. Finally, there is the cuddly cats that crawl to us almost in the Shot,” explains Waiblinger. All the cats are from animal to animal is very different.

The consultant of “Association and community of interest of Ethologists
and animal psychologists with training”, in short, VIETA, are specialists in animal psychology, which help in problem behavior of Pets and domestic animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, small rodents, horses and birds). The platform is a focal point for pet owners with house animals, the place is an unusual behavior. Best you turn to a consultant in the vicinity. Because problems such as uncleanliness in cats or linen aggression in dogs, it is usually necessary that the consultants look at the Situation on the ground with the animal owner or animal Keeper.

Before you adopt a cat, it’s important that you deal with a few points. VIEW has created a catalogue of questions which prepared you to your new friend.

In Switzerland, the life of 1.6 millions of cats. They are the most popular Pets at all cuddly, but also discreet, elegant and affectionate. On the International day of the cat, we have compiled 20 facts about pussy cats.