YB-shooting star Djibril Sow celebrates the second-last Wednesday evening, its 22. Birthday. “It’s not a big was a Celebration, I invited my family,” he says. Clearly, Coumba travels to Bern to your Cousin. Coumba Sow, midfielder of the FCZ women.

Both born in Zurich, he grew up in Kreis 4, Zurich-Oerlikon. Virtually every weekend you will see that family reunion. Their fathers, from the Senegal to the love landed in Zurich. “Djibi and I were always kicking,” she says. He says: “No other family member was so football enthusiastic as the two of us. But they were always behind us.” In the case of his buddies on the Playground Coumba had been fully accepted. “She was cool and could tschutten super, who should you accept?”

Djibril’ve always had the Shirt of nes idol Thierry Henry had worn, she recalls. “Not always,” he says with a laugh, “sometimes it was in the wash.” Coumba called all of Ronaldinho, “probably because of my hairstyle,” she says. A comparison that flatters your today. “Ronaldinho could be just about anything at the Ball …”

“had My father be afraid”

Coumba closes on itself only after 13 years to her first club, the SV Höngg,. The same time your two and a half years, changes younger Cousin in the FCZ-young. “My father didn’t want me with boys games, he was afraid that it was too hard.”

With a 14-follows Coumba your Cousin to the FCZ. With Zurich’s interior celebrates two championship titles and two Cupsiege before it grabs almost at the age of 19 with a-levels in the bag, your suitcase. “I wanted to travel to experience a new country, other cultures.” Because you don’t want to stop with football, she goes on the advice of her grandfather to America. She studies and plays for the College Team. A great experience. “Women’s football in America a major priority. The support of the Colleges is huge. The interest also. We had autograph sessions, had to pose for Selfies, the fan shop at Walmart and sold our shirts.”

“He deserved it”

And Coumba has success with the College of Oklahoma wins the Big-12 Conference. “It’s a huge thing,” says Coumba. You and your teammates get a Big 12 Ring and celebrated in the Football stadium in front of 80 000 people.

Since the summer, is back in the FCZ. The football here is technically high-standing, physically, you continue to be in America, “how fast and strong the women are in there, that was crazy”.

Djibril changes after a year with Gladbach to YB in the summer of 2017, where he strikes. He dominated with YB in the League – as well as Coumba with the FCZ women. Both celebrated debut recently your national team. His market value is 9 million Swiss francs. “Extremely,” says Coumba, “but if I meet him, I don’t see these millions. Djibi is still my little Cousin. He can’t hide, is super remained down-to-earth. He deserves it, I’m very proud of him!”

she is living as her Cousin for the football, but not from him. “By the way” she works 75 per cent in a day care center in Küsnacht ZH, in the evening, she rides four times a week directly to the Training. “I admire you,” says Djibril, “your effort is huge, the money they earned hardly.”

men’s and women’s football do not want both of them to compare. Coumba: “Clear dreams I still believe, to be a professional. But even if my dream comes true, I need a good education. As a woman, you can also put a little money on the side.” Her professional goal is to be a Social worker. Like her mother and her aunt on the maternal side.

The Cousins Coumba and Djibril – from the break place in the Nati. Sow sounds “good”. “From us it must go on,” he says with a grin.