The players of Atletico Madrid, the temporary for 70 per cent of their salary to hand. The measure is meant to the club during the coronacrisis the non-playing staff will have to continue to pay for it. The players of Atletico following the example of their colleagues from FC Barcelona.

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Earlier this week, the staff of Atletico, in a temporary level of unemployment. “The agreement is that the use of A core is achieved, it will enable us to determine whether their loss of pay, to fit in. It’s going to have about 430 employees, must report to the club. “One half of the amount that will be required is to come from the players, and the other one-half of the members of the board.”

the players from The B team, and the team is suffering at the coronacrisis is also seventy per cent loss of pay.

Spain is one of the worst countries affected, with more than 110 000 infections and more than 10,000 deaths.

Photo: associated press