On the demand of Muscovites and residents of Moscow region round-the-clock delivery of products and commodities responded “Yandex.The shop”. This chain of grocery dark stores decided to test the night time delivery. By June, the service will launch this format in St. Petersburg.That chain of grocery dark-sided “Yandex.Shop” (included in the delivery aggregator “Yandex.Food”) approves the delivery in the night time in nine retail outlets of Moscow and the Moscow region, Kommersant was told in the press service of the company. By June, the service expects to transfer to work around the clock all outlets in Moscow in the summer — in Saint-Petersburg. Night delivery zones of more days, more waiting time — half an hour, I explain there. Couriers will be the drivers “Yandex.Taxi”.In a press-service “Yandex.Food” we hope that at the night hours in the future will account for 20% of the total volume of orders.On the background of the pandemic virus COVID-19 and imposed by the authorities of restrictions on the movement of Russians to the delivery market will grow from 40 billion in 2019, up to 135 billion at the end of 2020, predicts “Infoline-Analytics”. The emerging popularity of the service trying to take advantage of all the key players of the consumer market.In a press-service “Coswell” told “Kommersant” that on may 18 all shipping of their stores became free. At the moment, the retailer serves more than 20 thousand orders daily. For comparison: by the end of February this figure was at the level of 600 orders. It has become possible including after the company decided to start Hiking shipping of 500 of its own stores. A similar service was launched and “Azbuka Vkusa”. Key competitor of the company — a grocery network “the Magnet” — in order to 2020 to establish the online sale of products from their stores, attracted just the five top managers of the clothing marketplace Lamoda, led by Florian Jansen. In may it became known that the grocery stores “Magnet” in some regions will be engaged in logistics operator of the Pony Express, had not worked in this segment.Nikita Sharenkov