Yandex has launched a competitor to WhatsApp

Yandex officially announced that the company has released a new Yandex.Messenger service, which will become a competitor to such giants of the market of WhatsApp and Telegram.

Interestingly, in order to use the new product, the company don’t even have to install a separate app — Yandex.Messenger is already available on the main screen of the mobile application of Yandex for Android and iOS, as well as in the computer version of Yandex.Browser and But for those who need a separate icon on your desktop, smartphone, Google and Apple also have Yandex.Messenger as a separate client.

According to the developers, one of the interesting features of their new product is the proprietary technology of speech recognition SpeechKit, through which voice messages are converted to text and back, causing them to both listen to and read. With access to Yandex.Messenger already, there are owners all Yandex accounts.