“Employees of Yandex can continue to work remotely for at least another three months. Thus we see that people are asking about the possibility of returning to the office. So we want to change the “standard” mode of operation and to provide a safe opportunity for the employees of “Yandex” work from office”, – explained the head a press-services of Yandex Ilya Grabowski.

In Yandex said that the office becomes as safe as possible and fit for the work: “Everyone who wants to be able to come previously surrendering PCR. In the future, PCR will have to take at least 1 time in 2 weeks. This can be done right in the office, all the tests will be paid by the company. But, again, that everyone can continue to work from home until the end of November. We will monitor the situation in all regions of its presence and take further decisions on the format of the work, depending on the situation,” – said Grabowski.

Previously, the extension of remote work stated in “Of course, we all really missed each other and colleagues. But the safety and welfare of the team is more important. Staff Group will be able to continue working remotely from apartments, homes, home towns, villages, cottages and hamlets to early October. At least,” he wrote on his page in Facebook press-the Secretary of the company Sergey Luchin.