Yamal families with two children or more will pay 30 thousand rubles

So, the Governor of Yamal Dmitry Artyukhov said on payment to families with children on 30 thousand roubles from means of the regional parent capital. Today families with evidence at the regional maternity capital, can apply for a lump sum payment.

the President stressed that in these difficult days it is important to support families with children especially hard now large, – stated the head of the district. – 30 thousand rubles can get Yamal families with children who have unused funds of the regional parent capital. The age of the children does not matter. For payment of eligible and those who since January 1 of this year received the right to the regional parent capital for the second child.

Note, the sum of the regional matkapital for the second child amounts to 150 thousand rubles. The money was intended for improvement of living conditions or medical care. Because of the situation with coronavirus authorities of Yamal have decided that part of the money families may be more necessary now, when everyone is forced to sit in isolation. How to spend 30 thousand families will decide for themselves – to be accountable for this amount they don’t need.

the Procedure for obtaining payment in 30 thousand the most simple: you should just go to the website dszn.yanao.ru and complete the application. It can be submitted from April to September 2020. Any additional documents are required. If a family has no opportunity to apply on the website, you can go through the MFC or to send the statement by Mail Russia.

In General, as expected, this year’s regional matkapital for the second child will receive about two thousand Yamal families. With the beginning of the year, 400 families received the right to a new payment. About 500 families received a regional certificate for the birth of the third child and subsequent children.

Note, the support measures for families of all categories is one of the main priorities of social policy on the Yamal Peninsula. So, regional matkapital for a third child this year increased to 500 thousand rubles, payment of now get the third and all subsequent children. As already reported, “RG”, this is the largest amount in the country, payable at birth of third child. In addition, in February this year, the child allowance from 3 to 7 years in low income families was increased from eight-fold – from 1038 to 8350 roubles rubles.

Note, in the period of the pandemic the authorities of Yamal aim carefully monitor the social “mood” of the residents of the region. So, yesterday on the Yamal Peninsula held a live broadcast with the participation of the Director of the Department of social protection of population YANAO Elena Karpova. Chief Minister replied to the most urgent and pressing issues which are now the greatest concern of residents. It is important that the right to receive all social payments are�� who are currently residents of the region will be extended automatically until September 30. You do not need to bring any certificates and documents. On the Yamal includes social assistance for low-income families, child allowance, subsidy for housing and utility services, the monthly payments provided for child birth, and disability benefits.

we will Note, now in the County are developed regulations on payments to unemployed people for minor children during a pandemic.