For the sun, there is no way Through: Seoul is under tough Smog. The Wind has blown the air pollution from China across the Yellow sea to the South Korean mega-metropolis. Nevertheless, the local Supermulti Samsung has flown a Swiss Delegation to South Korea, to give its new multi-function phone “Galaxy S10”, which was launched at the beginning of March, the necessary attention.

here are Samsung Responsible, various journalists and seven so-called Influencer: Ex-Vice-Miss Switzerland Xenia big, Fitness Model Marco Laterza, Soul singer Seven, Ex-Bachelor Janosch Nietlispach, A-gear-cyclist Patrick Seabase and the Geneva-based fashion blogger couple, Elvira and Charles Legrand (your Baby, and also a Instagram Account, they left it at home). Before departure, everyone received a brand new S10 in the Hand pressed. They’ll stage it in the course of the journey in all possible ways.

are you the electric scooters in the Internet

Influencer of the electric scooters of the Internet: Nobody has seen it coming, all of a sudden they are everywhere. The term Influencer comes from English and means “influencers”. Capital: a large following in the social media, especially on Instagram and Youtube.

Reto Hofstetter, a Marketing Professor at the University of Lucerne, says: “The form of advertising is old. Opinion-Leader or mouth-to-mouth Propaganda, a long-known concepts in Marketing. What is new is that the Influencer to create the content yourself.” Because the photos and Videos are staged by them, can Influencer to respond better to your Fans. “Companies give up control of the Hand. But you get people who are against traditional advertising immune.”

Samsung needs a wardrobe on the image

The form of advertising is so successful that there are now agencies, the Influencers and to find among them the to the clients matching the characters. Samsung Switzerland has just been a change of strategy in terms of Marketing. The sponsorship is shut down, it relies on Internet personalities. For the South Korea trip they are put together carefully: A bit of Lifestyle, a bit of Sport, a bit of culture, a bit of a celebrity. A prerequisite for a commitment to Samsung: you need to have a minimum number of Swiss Followers. This is to prevent the Influencers to buy your following professional “click-Farms” for very little money in Bangladesh or China.

The travel group in South Korea visited an oversized Samsung-Download and Samsung-Museum. For the journalists it is not very productive. For the Influencer. Through taking pictures at each corner, by means of pulleys, and show off your Samsung cell phone or Samsung after-wardrobe (Yes, there is).

27’000 to 33’000 Likes per photo

a Lack of hard work, you can’t blame them. A few Hundred meters long walk can take three quarters of an hour, because the Social-Media-pros every few yards to photograph. Samsung has specifically created a Social-Media-formats-specialized photographers from Switzerland to fly in.

The result is to be seen on Instagram. The Geneva-Russian Elvira Abasova Legrand invites more of the shots that remind you of fashion photos. with a sky-blue mobile phone. The phone is the Same, but the Outfit is changed every Time. Legrand identifies the images with the Hashtags #team Samsung #Samsung-Switzerland and #Ad – the short form of the English word “Advertising”, i.e. ads. So she declared that she was paid for this photo. Your 500’000 Followers it does not bother. Each of your photos will be generated between 27’000 and 33 000 Likes.

money is not spoken. How much you get for your bet, is the big secret in the industry. However, there is a rule of thumb: “An Influencer earns around one percent of its Follower count. 10’000 real followers companies pay in Switzerland for about CHF 100 per image,” says Marketing expert Felix Murbach. However, the scene is confusing, anyone can be Influencers and also call. “There are a lot of wannabes on the social media,” says Murbach. The competition is large, the economic pressure.

Always be cool, happy, relaxed and confident

know to help. If one of the Samsung”Ambassador” invites you to a picture or a Video, liking and commenting to the others. This is a strategy to give each other more attention.

The more interaction, the better the Algorithms of the respective Apps in the positioning of the content, the more Users you get to see. It is not unheard of that Influencer in Whatsapp can make groups to each other, before you post something. The other will react immediately.

The Samsung research Department or the Samsung sound lab is interested in the Influencer less. You prefer to go out together, to take more photographs. The Job is to stage yourself. Her gaze is focused on you, not on the environment. In your pictures they seem always cool, happy, relaxed, confident.

But the Job seems to be exhausting. During the dinner the most avoid alcohol and say goodbye to early, go to sleep or to the gym. In your Job, only one thing counts: In the photos look good. Only the generated clicks.

you Should not forbid children from Cyberspace? The experts are unanimous: no! Parents must accompany their children on the way in the digital world instead, and support it. Not the age but the children are not alone and the skills can gradually acquire.

Here are the main tips and Tricks to help your child device that is not the case in the Searches:

– Put your child, not just the digital world from unattended. Try to participate in it by your child, for example, Videos or photos to show that it finds a particularly cool and funny, or particularly uncool and stupid. Important the exchange is. You can these online of the world. You will see how proud your child is that it knows something you have no idea.

– Arrange with your child a certain length of time it online. It is useful to make the week less time available for on the weekend a little more.

– Offer your child plenty of opportunities for you to get involved offline as well. Maybe the Online and offline world connect with each other? So your offspring could show off his latest football trick in a cool Video.

– where none – do not Run fixed offline days in the month! – the Smartphone uses. You go with your children, Hiking or walking in the woods without GPS. Teach your child how to read a map.

– Send your child before the age of 15. Birthday at least once in a horse-riding camp! Since it learns how to lead a horse and how vital it is to keep to the rules. The 500 francs you will only invest, if your child comes rotbäckig and full of the joy of life back home.