Kalliopi brand offenders the Restaurant Kalliopea in Barmbek and, like all restaurateurs, the corona crisis has caught you heard: “I felt powerless”, says the Greek woman with the big heart. Has cooked you more, was hoping to be prepared for the out-of-home-sales: “But I had a lot of many dishes. And since the idea came to me with the emergency room, which is in the vicinity.“

So wandered stuffed peppers (“I’ve also thought of the vegetarians”), vine leaves, Giros and Turkey skewers in the heat container, and the los was: “The so happy and said, ‘If we could, would like to embrace you!'”

cook is donating food to the emergency Department: “My heart is full of joy”

the feeling of powerlessness, felt the Restaurant-Boss, had disappeared: “It was so good to me then, my heart was full of joy.” As you eat a regular guest of your spontaneous delivery to the Corona-helpers told, donated – just as spontaneously – 150 Euro for the next cooking action.

“I have worked for many years as a physician assistant,” says Kalliopi fire the offender, “I can imagine, what is the meaning of this exception situation for the medical staff.” To the “allowed to open Kalliopeia” again, wants to donate the passionate cook your delicacies continues to be at the hospital: “And my supplier I’ll get into the boat.”

Help, this is the tough Greek, in the blood of her club, “conveyor and circle of friends Elliniko” has supported many social projects in their homeland. (ste)

*The contribution of “, “Would you hug the loved one”: Greek food supplies now in the emergency room” is published by Mopo. Contact with the executives here.