Belarus security forces are detained citizens, “like insects” and want all the protesters “shot,” he said in an interview with Tribuna player in mini-football Sergey Podolynsky. The athlete spent two days in the detention center in Akrestsin street in Minsk.

Madalinskiego detained during the protests. Player with hundreds of other protesters brought in Akrestsin street, where on their knees along the fence.

“the attitude of the people akin to how some refer to insects,” he described his feelings to the athlete.

According to him, the security forces held detainees on his knees for more than four hours, without giving to change the situation: if the person is raised or lowered, it “corrected”. No one was allowed to go to the toilet, advising them to “walk by itself”, I remember Podalinsky.

“Some men said: “would you all just shot right there,” said the player.

Field this athlete was locked in a chamber whose company he made up of teachers, businessmen and even observers from the election. The result Podalinsky signed a Protocol on administrative violation, he was fined and released.