Russian President Vladimir Putin predicted the annexation of Crimea to Russia in four years before it actually happened. Reports about it “Constantinople”.

Today Yulia Vityazev published in his telegram-channel excerpt from an interview that Putin gave in April 2010, as Prime Minister. In the caption she said that came across this video on YouTube. Also, the journalist suggested that Putin never says anything, and greed is bad.

“recently, we with the government of Ukraine discussed the question of the extension of the Russian fleet in the Crimea. Nobody objected. It was only about price, but the price that we rolled out, it is prohibitive. I for this money would have eaten Yanukovych and your President together! Such money is not worth a single military base in the world! Over 10 years of work of this contract is 40-45 billion dollars! Several bases with this you can build!” — Putin says in this video.

Viktor Yanukovych, as reported by “the Rambler”, became President of Ukraine in February 2010, that is, already was, when Putin expressed readiness to eat him and the President together.