In the United States, exacerbated the situation with coronavirus: daily indicators identified cases approaching a peak value APR. The expert community points out that the virus is out of control and the country is approaching its “worst nightmare.” The national strategy for the fight against the epidemic at the White house is missing. Moreover, Donald trump is showing indifference to a new surge of infections, trying to divert the attention of Americans on the eve of elections.

The US faces a new surge in the incidence of coronavirus: a day in the country revealed more than a total of 34.7 thousand cases, slightly inferior to the peak values of April. Record cases of infection were recorded in at least five States, and the overall increase in incidence has affected 20 States.

Local authorities have begun to implement increased security measures to combat the outbreak of coronavirus. In particular, in Nevada began to work mandatory mask mode, and in Arizona, North and South Carolina, Texas and Florida Apple stores closed due to the growth in the number of infected.

While the US continues to hold the lead in the number of infected and dead worldwide.

The total number of recorded cases of coronavirus in the country has exceeded 2.3 million people died from the disease more than 121 thousand people.

Despite the fact that the pandemic coronavirus is gaining momentum in the United States, the American leader Donald trump seems to be completely ignoring threats to the lives of citizens. The recent rhetoric of the President was centered around the “miraculous disappearance” of the virus from the United States, including because of the warm weather, although the expert community have repeatedly denied such a perspective.

Columnist writes CNN’s Stephen Collinson, while trump does nothing for the formation of a national strategy to combat the new outbreak of the virus in the United States there is a “slow-motion collapse of the health system”. The President is actually trying to convince the Americans that the danger had passed.

Instead of learning from their mistakes, said the journalist, the White house has a strong indifference to a rise in the number of infected, thereby only exacerbating the situation.

The rhetoric of the head of state is reminiscent of his actions at the beginning of the pandemic, when he refused to acknowledge the danger of the virus to the US and deliberately tried to put the situation in a more positive light.

In General, the tramp and has not changed its policies focused on the distraction of US citizens from the tragic consequences of the pandemic for the country. Back in the spring, responding to criticism of the actions of the White house on the fight against the epidemic was in charge of China to launch a virus without any proof.

To this campaign, you can also bind the criticism of the world health organisation over the slow response and allegedly pandering to the needs of ��of ek, which eventually led to the US withdrawal from the organization and the rejection of its funding. While trump continues to refuse to wear a mask, avoids measures of social distancing is not going to resume the briefings on the coronavirus for journalists.

Thus the White house forms an unusual trend, avoiding open dialogue about tens of thousands of dead Americans, focusing on the foreign policy task without regard to the national crisis that continues to gain momentum.

Actions trump formally possible to explain the gradual approach of the country to new presidential elections. The head of state tries to calm voters and ensure their re-election. A key measure of the overall strategy to combat the virus could be a renewal of restrictive measures, the withdrawal of which the White house sought for months.

This will be a new blow to the US economy for the first quarter of 2020 is already reduced by 5% compared to the same period last year. In addition, according to forecasts, the US GDP this year will decrease by 6.5%, and debt to update the record — more than $26 trillion. Closing the country again, trump will only worsen and so not too rosy situation.

However, the lack of a national strategy on the fight against the threat and against the White house. In the words of Professor in the School of public health at Milken George Washington University Leana Wen, the United States opened too early, the country gradually returned to the conditions of March, when the epidemic in the United States was just beginning.

“The only difference is that this time I don’t think there is a political will and state support. The virus has already left from-under control”, — said the doctor.

Trump’s current policy in relation to the coronavirus not yet improves its rating. According to the June survey by The New York Times and Siena College, the President of the United States is inferior to its competitor from the Democrats to the former Vice-President Joe Biden at the state level.

For example, in Arizona trump gaining 41 percent support when Biden gets 48%. The situation is similar in Pennsylvania — 40% for the President, compared to 50% for a Democrat in Michigan, the spread is even more trump support only 36% of voters, and Biden are ready to vote 47%.

By the way, the reaction of the President of the United States on the situation of coronavirus is also interesting how the White house gets a few different points of view about the pandemic. If trump is trying to create the appearance of a stable situation, experts of his own administration this strategy is not supportive and in some moments completely contrary to the head of state.

In particular, the main infectious diseases of the United States, Anthony Fauci, openly calls for the Federal government together with local authorities to begin the stockpiling of medical equipment and medicines andbecause of sharp growth in new infections.

“We need to build reserves even in areas in which there is a decrease in the number of cases of infection and hospitalization. Some time ago, the figure in United States was on the decline. Now he is not on the decline and on the rise”, — emphasized infectious disease.

The story of his confrontation with the tramp as a whole deserves special mention. Throughout the epidemic, Fauci partly contradict the President. If, on 17 June, the US President talked about “tiny numbers” of infection in the country, then the next day the infectious disease doctor, by contrast, argued that the country still has not coped with the epidemic.

However, the conclusions of experts, probably not too much worried about trump, what has repeatedly accused the American leader of his opponents from the Democratic party. A new surge of cases in the United States creates a dangerous trend that is exacerbated by demonstrations against racism across the country. Terms Fauci, the country is gradually approaching the “worst nightmare”. In General, this scenario cannot be excluded in the case of continued indifferent to the administration’s policies trump.