Thorsten Legat and Helena Fürst once went to each other in the jungle camp. Although that was years ago, Ibes candidate Tessa Bergmeier now reminds him of his competitor and rages: “She’s crazy!”

The jungle camp is back! And after just two days of the 16th season, RTL viewers are offered a lot. Not only are there quarrels and bitching, but also nerves on edge and bad moods because of the food shortage. That’s what we’re used to from the last few years.

Of course, one more thing should not be missing in the jungle: the role of the camp bitch is assigned fairly quickly every year and the viewers clearly show who they like best by choosing the celebrities who are chosen several times for the jungle exams want to see tasks despair.

In the current season, ex-GNTM participant Tessa Bergmeier (33) has held the job of the drama queen in the camp.

She caused a scandal on GNTM in 2009 when she put a middle finger in the camera and had to leave the show. She had already made it clear at the time that she would not be allowed to shut up and was considered a bitch of that season until she left – and continues to do so in the jungle on RTL. This can be found entertaining, or exhausting.

Ex-jungle camper Thorsten Legat (54) seems to be unable to bear her current appearance in the jungle: “Tessa is worse than Helena Fürst,” said the 54-year-old on RTL. This drove him to incandescence in 2016 during his time in the jungle. And against Tessa he immediately added: “She’s crazy, there is no better expression for this woman. She has synapse problems.”

Already on the first day in the jungle, Tessa took on the other campers. Cosimo Citiolo called her a liar, then a heated discussion broke out after Claudia Effenberg used the word “disabled” – so there shouldn’t be a lack of drama potential in the 16th season of the successful format, also thanks to Tessa Bergmeier.

Incidentally, on the second day in the jungle, Tessa didn’t necessarily make her camp colleagues love her more, because she only earned three stars in the jungle test.

As is well known, growling stomachs do not exactly put you in a good mood in the jungle. And then there is this nasty news: Tessa has to go to the next jungle test again – and with Cosimo of all people. Whether the two can forget their disputes for this task?

On the first day in the jungle camp there was already a lot of drama in the camp with the first exams and the first cat fights. On the second day things got emotional.

Melanie Müller made a name for herself in 2022 with a Nazi scandal, Michael Wendler’s missteps can hardly be counted on one hand: some scandalous celebrities have already taken part in the RTL jungle camp. At the beginning of the new season we take a look into the past.

Some of the “I’m a star – get me out of here!” Stars are already moving into the jungle, and Gigi Birofio is also allowed to go after his corona infection. Only Martin Semmelrogge’s participation remains unclear – instead she is surprisingly part of the party: Trash Queen Djamila Rowe.

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