“The boundaries of new technologies are set by the code of ethics,” says Federal President Ueli Maurer the VIEW on the edge of the digital conference World Web Forum in Zurich. Switzerland should not be the servant of the digitization. The privacy is about to stay is essential. “The key question for the further digitisation will be what is worth protecting,” says Maurer.

Despite a passion for Technology, the Digital Elite openly showed concern. The theme of the conference, “Master or Servant”, he had chosen, because the new technology brings new winners and losers,” said the founder of the conference, Fabian Hediger.

fear of loss of control

“Artificial intelligence bring many opportunities, but it also calls forth images, in which people of artificial creatures be ruled,” says Nicolas Economou, CEO of H5, and an expert on artificial intelligence and ethics. As in the case of nuclear weapons, it is important to develop Standards to control the negative sides of new technology.

caution against innovations like crypto currencies Andréa Maechler, Director of the Swiss national Bank (SNB) warns. “The Blockchain has to prove himself first,” she says. For the head of the stock exchange, Jos Dijsselhof, crypto-currencies are safer, so that they can be traded on the stock exchange.

Ex-Rolling-Stone had, the laughs,

Top-Investor Klaus Hommels of the investment company lake star warned his turn: “It can’t be that our children spend hundreds of hours with Social Media, and at the end of an algorithm, shaping your character.”

From the point of view of Nicole Burth, Adecco-the Switzerland Boss, the artificial intelligence in your industry still in its infancy. “It is still too early to talk about the limits of artificial intelligence.” David allemann, head of On Running, is convinced that in spite of all progress, that the contact with nature and other personal experiences have a higher emotional value, as there could be digital.

most of all laughed the audience on the anecdotes of Bill Wyman, the former bassist and co-founder of the Rolling Stones. Although he had already been in the 80s, an Apple Computer, he mentioned in his speech the new technologies. Claudia Gnehm