James Goodrich (73), and the world-famous brain surgeon, who succeeded in having the American twins Jadon and Anias’s are separated from one another, yesterday, died after complications due to the feline corona virus.“He was a beacon of light for our institution, and it will be very much missed,” according to the New York hospital, where he has more than 30 years of work.

Goodrich, in 2016, with a team of over forty doctors which, after a long, but also very delicate surgery the twins, Anias, and Jadon of to each other could separate. It was a piece of topchirurgie, as the heads of the then 13-month-old twins, were at each other has grown. The operation lasted for a total of 27 hours.

In 2004, failed to Goodrich in the Filipino twins Carl and Clarence Aguirre are separated from one another. Also, the operation was a great achievement.

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