in Italy, Too, as one of the most difficult of the Covid-19-pandemic-hit countries, the spread of the Virus Sars-CoV-2 slows down. The UK is not yet out of the woods.

proceed to The temptation, to limitations of public life, is large in view of the economic losses. But virologists warn: Also who comes too early, punished by life. There is a risk that the could fast infected numbers back up there. The prominent immunologist and a consultant Trumps, Anthony Fauci (79), considers a return to normalcy is at best gradual and with regional gradations possible.

US want the economy soon again to

The public life in the USA is because of the crisis in many Parts still, what is the economy extremely to create power. Originally Trump (73) had made a return to normality for these days, at Easter, in view. But then the Covid-19 pandemic hit the USA with full force, every day since then there are sad records. The USA have now reported in absolute Numbers, globally the majority of deaths due to the Corona-epidemic: More than 22’000 people died until the evening of Easter Sunday in connection with the Virus.

Trump wants to bring the economy quickly back on track, and expected to be on Tuesday a panel of experts present to advise on the timetable for an easing of the current restrictions. But after the President attracted already massive criticism of the opposition Democrats and the media, the Corona-risk long belittled and to have the control until much too late around ripped, warns Fauci and his boss now in front of hasty steps in the other direction: it May be that the process of a cautious Opening, could begin “at least in some way” in the coming month.

predictions of this kind are difficult, and you should not act rashly. The ice on which politicians and experts are moving in the Corona-crisis, is still thin, much about the Virus is still not known exactly.

On Sunday, Trump tried to refute the accusation, he had to be late in responding to the emerging pandemic. He does not understand why the media and the US Democrats would have criticized him so heavily for the introduction of an entry ban from China, he wrote on Twitter and added: “Corrupt media!”. High-ranking adviser to the President had warned, according to media reports, by the end of January in front of a Coronavirus pandemic, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their lives could come. Trump’s self-assured until the beginning of March, the Virus was for US no reason for concern.

Spaniards to return back to work

In Spain, where Easter Monday is not a holiday, is the first easing of the strict nightlife restrictions for the almost 47 million inhabitants. For the past two weeks was allowed only to work, who is in essential industries. As of Monday, most of the Spaniards are allowed to return to their jobs – the strict nightlife lock until at least midnight on the 25. April is, but remains otherwise. Private people may since mid-March, only for shopping and in special cases in front of the door.

“The pandemic is controlled. The data will be in the coming weeks, thanks to the economic winter sleep even better”, said Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez (48) with a view to two weeks of forced break, the workers. The positive trend in the fight against the Virus continued, meanwhile, over Easter. Within 24 hours almost 4200 new cases were registered, an increase of just under 2.6 percent to a total of 166’000 – a comparatively low growth rate.

Italy is one of fewer deaths

A glimmer of hope, there was also from Italy. There 431 Corona-the Dead were on Easter Sunday, within 24 hours registered. So low, the increase had not been for a long time. A total of 19’899 people in connection with the Covid-19-disease died in the country since February, as the civil defense announced. The total number of Infected rose moderately to 156’363 cases (plus 4,000).

the UK is not yet over the mountain

a “gloomy day” language, however, the British health Minister, Matt Hancock. The Corona-death numbers were skipped at the weekend, the 10’000 mark. Experts anticipate a high number of unreported cases, especially since many of the victims in nursing homes are not yet recorded. Many experts fear that the health care system, the crisis will not withstand, and the United Kingdom could soon be the worst of the pandemic-affected country in Europe.

over at least the Covid-19 ill Prime Minister Boris Johnson has his serious illness. He was able to leave the hospital and is expected to recover well in the country residence, Chequers. The 55-Year-old praised the staff of the St. Thomas’ hospital in the highest tones: “I owe you my life.” It is expected that he can only take in a few weeks, the business of government. Johnson is over the hill, his country still. (SDA)


The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.