World governments provide financial assistance to airlines

U.S. Airlines have requested from Washington $ 50 billion in grants and loans, plus tens of billions in the form of tax breaks, Reuters reports.

it is Noted that the CEOs of the aviation industry now needs to hold talks with US President Donald trump on the phone.

the Airline and Boeing urged the U.S. government to provide at least $ 60 billion, including loan guarantees, the aerospace industry, as companies stop supplies and receive new orders to save money.

the Airbus was also given to understand that you may need some state support if the crisis because of the coronavirus will last for several months, said three people familiar with the matter.

the Australian government has said it will refund and refuse fees with the airlines in the amount of 715 million Australian dollars (430 million USD).

Taiwan’s civil aviation regulator said earlier that the airline can apply for grants and loans until January 15.

Sweden and Denmark announced the allocation of $ 300 million in loan guarantees to Scandinavian carrier SAS.

the Airline El Al Israel said that he had sent 6000 5500 of their employees on unpaid leave until 31 may after it was reduced the number of flights.

the international air transport Association (IATA) stated that the state support the aviation industry worldwide should be around $ 200 billion.

the US President Donald trump said earlier that authorities considered restrictions on travel within the United States, which will be another blow to their domestic carriers.