I’m absolutely a book person. In fact, this is evident by how I’m working on. The book is the best friend of the Director. Because of the books I the breadth of the world realized quite early. They greatly the imagination to be awakened. Because I lived a long time in the world invented. It was easy for me to Wake up and feel like Tom Sawyer. And the next day the Musketeers.

if I Want to return to Magadan childhood? Never! Because these are such sweet memories, it’s such a warm feeling that to find it is just a city, I don’t want to. The more I understand that he has changed a lot. Do not try to return to childhood.

Magadan first half of the sixties were filled with amazing people, it was the Moscow and Leningrad intelligentsia, which is still not released and do not have time to move.

Most of those people were technically already free, but something kept them.

It was the people of stunning intelligence, interestingness, some kind of wonderful freedom.

About the fact that there was a concentrated anatomy of our fear, I didn’t even know. I knew that uncle George served 10 years because he is a Greek spy. And everyone, including uncle Zhora, took it as a ridiculous mistake. But the mother of our friend spent twenty-five years, because she was the wife of the envoy and knew Lenin. She knew and understood and was a staunch Communist, no matter what. I took it as a given. Uncle George is a Greek spy, my mother is a teacher and dad is in the Navy. All separated by commas.

is it Possible to learn to be an artist? No, it is impossible. In the presence of abilities it is possible to obtain a set of professional techniques, but no more. In this profession, as, indeed, in any creative profession, what matters is the willpower. Abilities required. And the talent is already high category. So, with the abilities of the winner is the one who has more will power. One character firmer. It is important to be able to wait to be able to endure, to be able not to break down, to be able to understand what is important and what is secondary. To believe in yourself. I can not sleep.

Because in any creative profession rests on nothing. If someone thinks that the great Arkady Raikin was a confident person, he is wrong. It was a combination of great confidence in himself, but all that belief, as I once said Konstantin Raikin, rested on shaky legs. And shoot it down, shake it was very easy. And experience nothing. It only gives a possibility not to be lost in difficult situations, that’s the only thing that gives experience. Nothing more, he does not. No-th-th!..

For that I am grateful to the Theater Raikin? For the opportunity for self-development. Working in the theatre, I have a sufficient amount of time could do them. Watch, read, think, even write. Of course, I can’t say very much to me gave communication with Arkady Raikin, but watching him certainly had.

As for his son, Konstantin Arkadievich, who came then, he has developed and tempered in me the ability to work to work hard. Nebesni plow came with it. Great experience ploughing rough enough, it would seem pointless, but nurtures the whole student body.

What was Arkady Raikin? Difficult and not funny. I would say that he was a celestial. I could give him a car to work with him to get to the hotel or to the station. He was able to attend my initiation to the artists in the Leningrad house of the arts. I would say that it was with his Royal hand gesture. He could come to the military enlistment office of the Soviet district of Moscow metro “Warsaw” to make me a deferment from the army. Just like with a sweeping gesture. Yes, he was a celestial. Remember a moment when they passed the ceremony of initiation to the artists, there were all Pervatsch. It led an amazing actor Vladislav Strzhelchik, in the hall sat the friends, was all the main Directors of St. Petersburg theatres. It was such a celebration of young artist. But when suddenly, from behind the scenes appeared Raikin, the scale changed. And all that was around, immediately changed. There was a feeling that on the horizon there was a mount Everest. And immediately changed the vector of attention… did he Understand your scale Chomolungma? He understood everything. Again, he’s not sitting on top of his fame. Before my eyes still stands as one scene: Arkady Isaakovich goes on the station platform accompanied by his son Kostya, and around them stops all movement. Everything stopped, everything was quiet conversations and people were just seeing him off… With all this he remained a man of the earth, without a gram of stellar arrogance. Then it was just unthinkable, people lived in a different coordinate system, the hierarchy of values was different.

Now anyone who do not understand star. Here blows the head at times. And then it was difficult. Of course, there were then cases of “stardom”, but they are accompanied by drunkenness.

you Know around any well-known and monetary character live and feed yard, which you for years without breaks and weekends instills the idea that you are exceptional and brilliant. Therefore, it is not impossible to move out. Counterbalance all this can only be brains. Only!

But I know a lot of smart, really smart people who are susceptible to flattery and hypocrisy. Don’t know how to explain it? They probably are missing some special musical ear to false. There is some kind of glitch in the system.

it so Happens that the man is absolutely healthy, but he cut out the gall bladder. He is a healthy man, but gallbladder it does not. And the bile flowing from it a bit differently. But he is healthy! But lives differently. And here.

Arkady Isaakovich was Intuit in a huge degree. He struggled, just like Kostya. But Kostya was initially difficult worked. Arkady Raikin could afford any ease. Kostya childhood focused on hard work. He in virtue of his origin all his life proves the right to do this work. He has a huge responsibility to the memory of my father. He with him all the time in some internal dialogue. But nature is completely different.

Why I left the acting profession? Think I’m by nature not an artist. That is, I have abilities, obviously, or I wouldn’t be able to work and learn. But I don’t have something essential that makes the artist an artist. And I understand that very well, especially now that a lot of work with outstanding actors.

while studying in College, I didn’t understand it. At some point, I simply was a very able student on whom to rely. Probably would still work and would have long honored artist of Russia. But I suddenly realized that I’m bored. Very boring. There were some performances where I even played. But that’s enough for me for five premieres. And then it became unbearable.

What keeps the actor in the profession? I don’t know what it is. But I understand it very well. That Sergei Makovetsky – hundred percent an artist. He is an artist. He has always some open internal, the human. He thinks about it. He has nothing else to say, only about the role that he currently plays or rehearses, over which it operates. His other interest is just not there. And the result is adequate.

I’m more of a pop genre artist. Vivid shape, some of the humor of the show rather than living.

Eugene Simonov? Young, of course, we treated him with a certain irony. Because he represented a strange old school, because he was very present in poetry and in music.

At that moment, 70 years, we were young and very social, getting into the measure of time, in actuality, they were for us much more important than abstract poetry. The poetry of Pasternak, a play by Griboyedov, Glinka’s music.

But with time I understand, what a huge layer of culture, he showed us on the arm… He got us connected with the era. Because he really knew Pasternak, Akhmatova knew, knew Shostakovich. And my dad knew him Bagrationovich Evgeny Vakhtangov, Boris Shchukin knew. And we all through him, for this was also attached.

Then came his tragedy, because he was in an era of change, when came to power Gorbachev. And of course, he could not match this. Does not fit in. It was dismissed, for him it was a real drama. Because he could not survive. And very quickly died.

for a long time I was resentful at him because I assumed he’d take me in TheaTr Vakhtangov. And we on this occasion even had a conversation. He would not take me.

Then, of course, I repeatedly thought, well that never happened. Because of the Vakhtangov theater for me would be a coffin with the music. It’s a place where nobody goes. Just on the fingers can be counted people who themselves left the Theater Vakhtangov. That is, in this place and get lost. There is a culture of its own, the relationship of artists to their own, have their traditions. The history of its own. Burgundy velvet, a special atmosphere. It’s all so beautiful that to leave it is impossible.

…We have witnessed how leave this life the last of the generation of victors that won the war. I think a large part of this generation dies, and not understanding what happened..

Suddenly what you believed, no longer taken seriously, and this was the biggest drama. This drama experienced, incidentally, the artists who starred at me. I remember very well, like Mikhail Ulyanov, which was constantly approached some people on the street, just running from them and said: “Why do they keep asking me how to live and what’s going on?”

People saw him as the legendary President and Marshal Zhukov, Soviet and all saints. And he was confused and didn’t understand how to live.

to be honest, I’ve never felt the envy of your colleagues! Never! You know, I think that to a great extent you feel that you have the most present. I’m not a jealous person. I am absolutely unconcerned about someone else’s success. I have a feeling that you this success away from me.

I Have no envy to Andrei Zvyagintsev. I am glad that a man such a success. When Konstantin Lavronenko won the prize in Cannes, I was the first who called and congratulated me. And I was happy. I don’t treat this as someone else’s success. It is our common success. Of course, his individual, but in principle it’s good for all of us.

I very rarely go to the premiere, but when I hit the “Arrhythmia” by Khlebnikov, approached him to congratulate and was genuinely happy! When well – I’m happy.

does anyone mean to me? Allow. But I do not know and do not want to know. Maybe that’s why anybody do not communicate, do not want to know. I always believe that man is what his paintings are. To me this is easier. I guess I’m saving myself. I want to stay in the sense that the picture, which I really like, like the person who did this picture.

Why I struck such a barrage of criticism for his film “the Odessa steamer”? I think do not match feelings. Many thought that I came up with chocolate for a funeral. Most of the mood of the funeral. And here I come with chocolate and some kind of idiotic joy. Champagne at the funeral, what’s with that?

So either you don’t know where you live, either you sold or you’re a bitch, either you Debbie��. That’s all. But rather you and at the same time. So damn you, you son of a bitch.

In the flow of the criticism was frankly schizophrenic things. Guys with one of the radio stations blamed me that this is a political provocation, a political order. I just didn’t know what they’re talking about. It’s just a picture of the world which they imagine and its broadcast.

what is today’s social network? This is an opportunity to hear all the conversations of the incoming. Imagine that Eldar Ryazanov was standing in front of the cinema and listened to all conversations coming from the hall. All! If you read the transcript of the discussion of the film “the diamond arm” by Leonid Gaidai on the arts Council “Mosfilm”, you’ll see a lot… There in all seriousness saying that Papanov played very bad. It would be good scenes to cut or reshoot. Talking about monstrous Mordyukova in the “Diamond hand”, it was called “a big setback”.

“Tired Papanov, who plays one color”. “Mironov is very much strums”. It’s a quote from there.

I’m Sure it wasn’t jealousy, it was just a misunderstanding. And “the Odessa steamer” is not the first time when I was faced with incomprehension.

Dmitry Bykov in 1998 wrote a disgusting article about my film “Composition for Victory Day” in reproaching me of insincerity, prudence.

He did not understand, did not feel, did not believe. It’s a shame? Of course! Given that I considered him a man, able to distinguish the good from the bad. But nothing can be done – made the film, be prepared for the fact that you do not understand everything.

Could I today with Dmitry Bykov mentally to communicate? No, because we barely know each other and it was never intended.

With Bykov does an amazing thing. After the article I realized that I don’t like it. I always read his articles, columns, adored his satirical things Misha Efremov performed. But again, always believed that I don’t like Dmitry Bykov.

And suddenly there was a story of when he got sick in the plane, some crap happened to him, and I realized that I was terribly afraid that he will oak. Remember, my wife ran to the Church, lit candles for his recovery. Dima recovered, thank God. And again, I have the opportunity not to love.

But I understand the main thing: I wish he was, because I really need this. Perhaps there are things more important than I realized – not realized. Liked or not liked.

And still offended by the misunderstanding. Lack of understanding of the motives, when you do not interpret the truth, so to speak. And treat often people who could, roughly speaking, just call and ask, tell me, is it right or wrong? I always answered honestly. But instead, start to invent me.

In the directing profession expressed gormonalnoe life. This is especially true of Directors, tothat working in the field of feelings. Not thoughts and feelings. In the first place blunted feelings. Thoughts are and feelings are not the same… this is Especially noticeable in Comedy. Any Comedy much earlier finishes, feelings prevail.

What was real? They are different. Of course, there are many things that normal people can be annoying. If they do not understand the nature of this do not understand, probably, them will be difficult.

But if you understand and love the nature and know her, it might be great to coexist.

That’s when a lot of them, it is difficult in terms of feeling: like you’re standing on stage with his back to the tigers. Better not to turn. All the time you need to keep in sight. But I would not exaggerate the negative qualities of the acting profession. I assure you, they are not more than those who work on the soap factory. And in some things they are much better and cleaner. They to a great extent cleaner, better, more naive than just people. Because without that they will not have a profession. It is also necessary to understand. They to be a hundred children.

Age? Frankly, every time I forget how old I am. When people ask me, I’m alive I want to say – 42. Not because I’m flirting, but because I’m somehow stuck at that age. I still really don’t understand why this girl is not looking at me, and the young. I really do not understand. Is that a young fit and slimmer. And the rest I have not changed at all. I’m the same, believe me. But this girl will never understand…

in Fairness, I admit that, being a guy, I too do not understand. Here it saddens me most is that no one understands that I absolutely have not changed. But this way and not differently the world works.

When I say something, I know it’s hard for me to plan for decades. Before I could plan for decades. Now I plan a little bit.

Death? I think about her every day somehow, one way or another, but I think. Death upsets me, frankly. Frustrating because I feel sorry for those who remain. It will be harder without me than with me. I’m sorry that I won’t catch some kind of development of children, especially grandchildren. Some important things can’t see.

I Hope that outside there’s something. I’m not Church-going person, but I’m pretty sure it must have some meaning. Very sorry for just 70 years away to dust and ashes… I Think that we will be reunited with those we loved, somehow we will meet again…

I am very sentimental. This is evident in my paintings. I am a very emotional person and I’m not ashamed. What prevents me to live? You know, the lack of envy is the reverse side of some very important things. At the time, I played sports, and I have had very good results. Once at the competition my coach said, “You never ne become a great athlete”. Why? I was surprised.

“you have no fighting spirit. And without it, you will not achieve anything”, – he said. Creative envy with elements of a healthy, competitive anger is like rocket fuel.

this is not me.

I often think about what this man at a meeting I not shake his hand. Then we meet, and I automatically forget. Unfortunately, I am very forgiving. Though, probably, not unfortunately, you need to be who you are. I understand it now. Too late. Already such, and to hell with you. You don’t have to spend time to become others. Moreover, it is already on what will not affect.

if I Swear a mate? Is not the word! I’m not just fighting. I think on it. And it’s horrible.

But I am not a supporter of the Mat in theatre and film. I do not advocate bans, but not a supporter of the Mat, it offends me.

I love Mat Alexander Shirvindt, Bones Raikin. When I understand that it gives pepper! But I can’t stand the Mat everyday. Mat for Mat… When a man is equal to the words which he pronounces.

for Example, the Mat is easier to explain the task to the actor.

Life?! I sincerely wish she wasn’t so short. However, I don’t want to lose neither force nor reason… To end all preserved.

I want to do what I like. My happiness is that for many years I do what I want. Don’t want it all to end.

I still laugh at the fact that I’m really funny, and not over what I specify. At such moments I’m happy.

Sergei Ursulyak was born in 1958 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the child lived in Magadan and Khabarovsk. A graduate of the Shchukin school, he worked as an actor, led a popular program on the Federal channels, after graduating from the directing courses went into directing. His filmography includes such films as “Liquidation”, “the Quiet don”, “Life and fate” and “Isaev”. Laureate of the State prize of Russia, prize of the Russian Government.

Ursulyak five times was the winner of the film award “Golden eagle” and twice of the national cinema award “Nika”. Married second marriage to the actress the Face of Nifontova. Both his daughters are Actresses.