Earlier, Putin said that the experience and competence of the members of the working group working on amendments to the Constitution may be needed in the future legislative work.

“we Have great interest and desire to work on and become the connection between the people who make decisions, vote on laws, and ordinary citizens who have common problems, which definitely need to talk and you need to convey these issues to the highest state level,” said group member and head of the movement “Victory Volunteers” Olga Emelchenkova.

a Great honor to called the continuation of work in group Commissioner for human rights of the Sverdlovsk region and a member of the HRC Tatyana Merzlyakova. “People come with different problems, and some of them I have invested in these amendments. And of course I have to monitor… For me it’s an honor and opportunity to help people,” said Merzlyakov, adding that he has already prepared a number of proposals in the sphere of protection of labor.

Deputy Chairman of the HRC Irina Kirkor outlined the theme that you intend to offer to the discussion. This question is about distributed care to persons with mental disabilities “who reside at home and who at any moment in case of the death of her parents or her guardian can go to the orphanage”. According to her, in Russia more than a million people have been diagnosed with.

I will continue to work and the President of the Union of women Russia Catherine Lakhov. “I think all, of course, was delighted and ready to stay. Because we immediately have some specific questions, because it will be difficult to implement, we have to adopt about 100 laws. So I wanted to still here the values and priorities that the Constitution was fixed, and the corrections that were to actually be implemented, not just words,” said Lakhova.