Danielle and Spencer become parents. In search of a suitable name for their child, the influencers publish a video. But not everyone is enthusiastic about the proposals. 

Make-up artist Danielle Estrada and her partner Spencer Gothberg are expecting a baby. They also let their fans on the Internet participate in the pregnancy and so the expectant mother diligently publishes videos about her pregnancy on TikTok. 

After learning they were expecting a girl, the couple revealed in a video a list of boy names they would no longer use. The expectant father’s suggestions in particular are astonishing in the online community. 

The couple explains in the video that they are sharing the names to help other expectant parents choose a name. 

“The first name I like on my list is Kai. “I think Kai is such a cute little boy’s name, but it’s also suitable for older men,” says Danielle. Other names she liked were Conrad, Leo and Luca.

Spencer Gothberg, on the other hand, would have preferred to name his son Axel. That’s “just a cool name for a boy who plays sports and stuff,” says the dad-to-be. He would also like the name Woods, inspired by legendary golfer Tiger Woods. 

In general, Spencer seems to be fond of unusual names. Because his list of names also includes Crew and the name Zorowar. Spencer finds the latter “very masculine”. He suggests that you could then call the boy Z or Zoro as a nickname. 

The name Zorowar in particular is causing a stir among TikTok users. “Zorowar blew me away – I’m so glad you’re having a girl,” one user commented. 

While the father-to-be shows an affinity for unusual names, the mother-to-be prefers classic names. On TikTok, in addition to the boys’ names, she also shares a list of names for girls that ultimately didn’t become names. 

These include names such as Lily, Charlotte or Gwen. Your community is enthusiastic about these suggestions and comments: “finally a list of good names”. 

The pregnancy portal “babelli.de” analyzed birth reports for the first quarter of 2024 and, based on this, created a ranking of the most popular first names for girls and boys in Germany. 

In the first few months of 2024, the names Emilia, Sofia / Sophia and Mia will be particularly popular among girls. Among boys’ names, Luca / Luka, Finn / Fynn and Henry / Henri will be the most popular.

The case of a Gen Z woman also shows how important it is to choose a suitable name. She can’t get used to her “white grandma name” and complains bitterly. 

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