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“due to the ongoing pandemic see Oslo municipality itself will have to conduct the teaching in the easter holidays”.

This message was Wednesday many of the students at Vinderen school in Oslo up to . Also, the students at Kattem school in Trondheim got the same message.

Photo: Screenshot / Kattem school

this Year’s big April fool’s day joke turns out thus to go out to deceive students to believe that everyday life with hjemmeskole is over. And that easter is cancelled.

– the joke was received very well, ” says the principal Morten Krogstad Beach on the Kattem school.

A good old fashioned April fools

At Vinderen school in Oslo, there was a teacher in seventh grade who sent out the message on the kommunikasjonsplattformen Teams.

One of them went five on the 13-year-old Maxine Elvrum Berg.

” We got a message on an app called teams. There we were told that we would have school the whole easter. It was a little insane, ” she says.

After thinking a bit over the situation, and what date it was, she realized that it was a good old fashioned April fool’s day joke.

NO easter holidays: Maxine Elvrum Berg (13) was tricked by his teacher on 1. april.

Photo: private

the Principal at the school takes meldingsutvekslingen from the teacher to the students with good cheer.

– a Little 1. april-joke must we endure now in the koronatidene. It is perhaps more important than ever to have a little humor. This is a completely innocent joke from our side, ” says Tore Haugen, principal at Vinderen school in Oslo.

On the Borge school in Porsgrunn the students were notified that the easter holiday was postponed for an indefinite time, and that all had to be ready to meet at the school from Monday morning.

MUST HAVE HUMOR: the Principal of the Borge school in Porsgrunn think you need to lower your shoulders a bit in these koronatidene.

Photo: private

– We thought that we would get the students to lower the shoulders a bit. Get a laugh in this demanding time we are up in the. Simply render a little, it is enough seriously, ” says principal Mari Lunde.

Have you gotten feedback that there are many who have gone on the joke?

– It was the teachers that sent out to their students, so the reactions will probably entitled to them. But I heard that a student on the 4. step had written “haha, you wonder, not me! I’m not going to have school in the week of easter!”

MANY JOKES: At a school in Oslo sent a teacher out this hoax to several students.

Photo: Screenshot, “the School year must be taken at the new”

Also in California, there were several students who woke up to a message from the school. And for several it was difficult to understand that it was a joke.

– I got a photo from my teacher where it said that we should take the school year again. I had to check it, even if I at any time believed that it was nonsense. But the picture is so very real. I thought a bit on it, ” says 10-year-old Julie Jacobsen from Norway.

the Picture showed it might look like an NRK article where Erna Solberg came with the message that the school year had to be done on the new.

the Photograph was manipulated and only an April fools ‘ joke from the teachers.

1. APRIL: By Solås school in Gjesdal students were told to sing “Bæ, bæ lille lam” to shelf the Norwegian peasant. It made the family Vestergaard out on the porch with a smile on his face. You need javascript to see the video.

1. APRIL: By Solås school in Gjesdal students were told to sing “Bæ, bæ lille lam” to shelf the Norwegian peasant. It made the family Vestergaard out on the porch with a smile on his face.

the local newspaper joked that schools are opening

“in Order to control care, but still increase the activity, the schools and kindergartens opened again. They are to spread beyond the in Volda and Ørsta”, wrote the local newspaper Møre 1. april.

Furthermore, in the article was, among other things, spøkt that it was ordered a tanker with antibac to the students, that teaching should take place in sjøbuer, skolebygg and fishing boats.

– I think all of these items are so unlikely that I think that people understand that it is an April fools ‘joke,” says Tore Aarflot editor in the newspaper.

But it does not seem management in the municipality. They were quickly out to deny the information from the newspaper.

the Mayor of Volda, Sølvi Dimmen (Sp) was unsure whether the readers of the local newspaper immediately realized that it was an April fools ‘ joke.

– I don’t think people understand that it is possible to joke with koronakrisen in this way, where, says Dimmen.

NOT POPULAR: Also local newspapers were in on the joke. The newspaper Conference in Volda had spread that the schools open. It got kommuneledelsen to react.

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