train: point guards and shooting guards – Victoria Zavyalova (UMMC Ekaterinburg), Julia Kozik (Dynamo Kursk) and Ksenia Levchenko (“Sparta & K”, Vidnoye, Moscow oblast); forwards – Adelina Bayburov (“ernes”, Germany), Yulia Gladkova (“Gipuzkoa”, San Sebastian, Spain), Nina Glonti (MBA, Moscow), Raisa Musina (UMMC) and Kamilla Ogun (“Sparta & K”); center – Gosselin Maiga (“ENEA”, gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland) and Elizaveta Shabanova (“Dynamo” Kursk). In parentheses are the clubs which players participated in the championship of the Premier League season 2019/20. Recall that the owner of gold once again became the team silver medal at Dynamo Kursk, the bronze went to “the Hope”.

Are at the meeting, but still quarantined those who came to the team train, or plane: point guards and shooting guards – Anna Drilling (Dynamo Kursk), Elizaveta Komarova (IBA); forwards – Anna Zaitseva (“Rostov-don-southern Federal University”, Rostov-on-don), Olga frolkin (“Dinamo”, Kursk / Universitet, Gdansk, Poland), Anastasia Chuvahina (“Dynamo farm”, Kursk); center – Albina razheva (Nadezhda Orenburg), Tatiana SEMA (“Sparta & K”), Maria Fadeeva (UMMC). Note that Zaitsev is the only player representing the club the second of the Premier League 2019/20 – winner of the Superleague 1 BK “Rostov-don-southern Federal University”.

by the Way, here for many years as Director General of the Olympic champion Barsony 1992 in the United Team (actually the team of the CIS), multiple winner of the gold national championship in the ranks of the Moscow “Dynamo”, a student of the Belarusian basketball Elena shvaibovich. It is unknown if using rostovite their right to promotion.

the Current fee – part of the team’s preparation for the second part of the qualifying round of the European championship in 2021. In November the girls will have away matches against Switzerland and Bosnia. However, given the many months of isolation players related to the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 and restrictive security measures in some regions of the country, the collection inevitably becomes introductory in character. Training will continue until 15 August. According to Kovalev, said in an interview with the correspondent of “RG”, full-fledged work will begin about August 1.

this collection Kovalev deliberately caused a limited number of players, mostly those who are up to 27 years. Therefore, it is impossible not to mention those in Novogorsk, but, of course, included in fighting the clip of the national team. It’s the point guards and shooting guards Natalia Zhedik (Dynamo Kursk), Daria gets Wet, Karina Nizamova, Anastasia Shilova (all – “Hope”), Ekaterina Fedorenkova (IBA); forwards Anna Laskovaa, Anastasia Logunova (both ill); center Natalya Anikina (Dynamo Kursk), Ksenia Tikhonenko (“Hope”).

What��salsa Leskovcic and Lagunovoi, representatives of the capital of IBA, these universal players are still in the number of candidates to Russian national team in the new Olympic discipline of 3×3 basketball. In this form they are world champion and two-times European champion.

Andrei Kirilenko, the President of the Russian basketball Federation (RBF):

– it’s Great that we managed to organize this gathering in Novogorsk. And we are very grateful to the Ministry of sports for this opportunity. Pandemic for several months deprived us of basketball, but now, finally, the women’s national team had an opportunity to return to the site and to work productively, to lay the Foundation for the upcoming season. We have a fairly young team, which thanks to this collection has a great opportunity to experience together. During the season of little breaks for national team matches is clearly not enough.

1993 – 7th place (head coach Anatoly Myshkin) – not qualified for the world Cup 1994

1995 – bronze (Igor Grudin)

1997 – 6th place (Myshkin)

1999 – bronze (Evgeny Gomelsky)

2001 – silver (Vadim Kapranov)

2003 – gold (Kapranov)

2005 – silver (Grudin)

2007 – gold (Grudin)

2009 – silver (Valery Tikhonenko)

2011 – gold (Boris Sokolovsky)

2013 – 13th place (Alfredas of Vainauskas, Lithuania) – not qualified for the 2014 world Cup

2015 – 6th place (Myshkin) – not qualified for the 2016 Olympic games.

2017 – 9th place (Alexander Vasin) – not qualified for NACM-2018

2019 – 8th place (Olaf Lange, Germany) – are deprived of the chance to qualify for the Olympic games of 2020 (2021)

2021 – coming qualifying cycle (Alexander Kovalev)

Thus, the most effective coach of our female national team Igor Grudin: three Championships under his leadership, won full set of medals. Plus with Grudinin team took silver for the 2006 world Cup, sensationally having beaten on the way to the finals of American women.