Coronakrisen has turned everything upside down. Our everyday life is no longer the same, and most of us feel its consequences.

This applies to a high extent also the society’s allersvageste. Including the users of the country’s ‘Nests’ there are social shelters and counseling for women in prostitution and abuse. Many of them are struggling right now an unequal battle against loneliness and isolation.

“The crisis we are in right now, exacerbating the situation for our users,” says Jeanette Dam Kaastrup, who is the leader of the Nest in Aalborg.

She says that there are fewer people in prostitution, there are open, but there are still some, although other professions with close contact to customers, is completely shut down.

Smittefaren is, however, not the women’s only concern. There are many things that have been harder for many of the socially disadvantaged women.

“a Great many are struggling with loneliness. It is hard for them to be isolated, and it aggravates the mental health challenges that some of our users have,” says Jeanette Dam Kaastrup.

Same experience, Mette Guul, head of Reden Odense.

She says that it is a very difficult time for their ‘redekvinder’.

“They are lonely, they are bored, they are uncomfortable, they get myldretanker, and many find that their psychiatric disorders are taking, because that has suddenly been made about their daily lives.”

because of the coronaviruses have the Nest in Odense had to send many of their women home like the Nest in Aalborg has.

Mette Guul telling, however, is still open for the most acute cases.

And so shall Mette Guul, and her colleagues, will be handed out coffee, served in portion-sized food and condoms with the good distance in the social væresteds patio.

She can also see that the closure of borders and fewer people on the street have major consequences for the women who have a abuse.

“the drugs are harder to get hold of, the price is higher and quality is poorer. It also means that the risk of overdose increases. We have already seen some,” says Mette Guul.

She has the understanding that society is going to have to shut down in the fight against the coronavirus, but we hope very much that it will soon be safe to start to open up again.

“I can’t see the end of it here on our women’s behalf, if it goes on for a long time. It is getting harder and harder for them every day,” she says.