Trigema boss Wolfgang Grupp doesn’t understand why the Germans suddenly regard Vladimir Putin as a mortal enemy. He believes that the US controls everything behind the scenes and is the only winner of this war.

The boss of the textile manufacturer Trigema, Wolfgang Grupp, took a position on the Ukraine war in an interview with “”. Grupp told the portal: “I don’t understand that you have been best friends with Mr. Putin for 20 years, that you are 100 percent dependent and within two months you are a mortal enemy! That does not exist.”

Something must have happened a long time ago, Grupp assumes. The company patriarch believes that “the Americans are controlling everything in the background so that they remain a world power.” The USA is the only winner in this war.

Grupp goes on to say in the interview: “If we deliver billions of weapons to Ukraine with a swagger and at the same time say: No problem, the citizens and the economy will have to pay for it. These are statements that I cannot understand.” He has never experienced “an argument being ended by giving one person a larger knife and the other a larger axe.”

Grupp instead insists on negotiations with Putin. Otherwise the war cannot be ended. The businessman and his company are heavily burdened by the war. He recently said in an interview with FOCUS online that his gas costs had increased tenfold in the past two years. “” he now said that he would be “punished” for having switched to gas.